MaSzyna - Railway Vehicle Simulator EP07-424

MaSzyna 15.04

The Readme File

AUTHOR: libertyn89

UPDATE: Maciej

CONSULTATIONS, HELP: adsim, Benek, dejotzbych, hunter, matek123, Ra, Sawi, surgeon, szogun, youBy,
sebastian82, EP08_015, Stele and others
TRANSLATION: kolejarz2009



The beginning of MaSzyna dates back to the year 2001. It was mainly a graphic engine test. The simulator got it's current shape in 2003. Since then, it's continously developed. Thanks to many people's work, many different railway vehicle models have been created, as well as many scenarios, textures and sounds. It has to be noted that everything here was created in spare time, as a hobby. For this reason, not everything is created in a professional manner, like in the commercial products. If you have time and want to help us, then join us!

I've downloaded the simulator, now what?


No. You do not install MaSzyna. After downloading the MaSzyna 15.04 package, it needs to be extracted to a new folder. Do not extract the package to an existing folder with MaSzyna, since 15.04 is NOT a mod or an update for any existing packages like PC 08.13 or any other older versions of MaSzyna. To extract, we recommend the free software "7-Zip" version 9.20 (to download from, since using WinRAR might cause problems.

First run

To launch MaSzyna, use Rainsted launcher, created by Ra. It functions as starter and a train consist editor (but also a realistic scenery editor, more on it further down and more information is on [POLISH ONLY] Enter the main MaSzyna folder. Launch Rainsted.exe (icon like in screen 1 below).

Screen 1: Rainsted launcher icon

You should see the following window (screen 2):

Screen 2: Rainsted (launcher)

Durning first run, Rainsted launcher processes and generates certain configuration files. It can take upto around a minute. It is a one-time process - every other launch of Rainsted will launch much quicker.
Rainsted was succesfully started when the following window appears (screen 3):

Screen 3: Rainsted, Choose Scenery tab

The titlebar says: "Wybierz scenerię :: MaSzyna EU07-424 :: Rainsted". The "", is not Simulator version number, but the version of the Rainsted Launcher and changes when Rainsted is updated.
Go to Settings (or Ustawienia if the Launcher started in the Polish language) and in the Select language (or Wybór Języka) and choose your preferred language.
From here on, we assume that the language was set to English.
Settings tab (screen 4) allows for configuring such parameters, like screen resolution.

Screen 4: Rainsted, Settings tab (in Polish)

The important setting in the Settings tab, is the User mode. It can be changed, depending on the knowledge of the user. This setting affects Rainsted ONLY and has no effect on the simulation whatsoever. Let's look at options from the "Settings in EU07.INI" pane. These DO affect the simulation.

  • Fullscreen mode - Before checking this, it is recommended to choose a resolution from the list on the left, which is compatible with the display.
  • Fix for monitor refresh frequency - Check this, if the screen flickers.
  • Multisampling - This allows for smoothing of jagged edges, so: better quality, worse FPS. Can be regulated, from 1(off) to 16.
  • Debugmode - More about it here.
  • Writing "log.txt" - Very important option. When checked, everytime the simulator runs, it generates a file in the main directory called "log.txt". It contains information, is are extremely important when solving problems that occur durning scenario loading. If you do not have problems with the Simulator, uncheck this option, the CPU will be less loaded, and you might gain few FPS.
  • Writing vehicle parameters - It generates a "[vehicle name].dat" file for every vehicle, in the "physicslog" folder. On weaker computers, might cause the FPS to drop. We suggest you use this option only when planning on using the "HTV" software (more in the FAQ).

The remaining options should be left as they ware.

In the Choose scenery tab, is a list of all the available scenarios. As you can see, we have tens of different scenarios. In the beginning we will choose the simplest route to become aquainted with the Simulator. Choose the TD scenario, in the Select trainset to drive pane, click on EP07-424+BD+BDHPUMN+BDHPUMN and press Run Simulator.

Important Notice
After choosing any scenarios and the trainsets, familiarise yourelf with the information in the middle field of the Select scenery and the right field from the Select trainset (for example scenario calkowo_orlen.scn; screen 5), and also with any possible descriptions, available after pressing the buttons (in the middle field of the Select scenery pane, or in the "inne/[scenario name]" (not all routes have it [for example TD doesn't have one]).

Screen 5: Rainsted, Scenario description

A window will appear (screen 6):

Screen 6: Rainsted, Starting Information

Familiarise yourself with the starting information (It is shown only for a couple of the most used vehicles; full description of keys and controlling the trains will be further down in this read me file). Next, press Run simulator.

Time for the most important stage
After a moment (no more than a minute) the startup window should appear (screen 7).

Screen 7: Symulator MaSzyna - startup screen window

It may vary from the one on the screen, since the Launcher chooses one at random before displaying it. In certain cases the "Uruchamianie / Initializing" text may not be visible, however, it does not influence the simulation in any way and should be ignored.

After few seconds, the logo may (but doesn't have to) turn into a white background, or fade slightly (Windows Vista and 7). In this moment most user panic, thinking the Simulator froze. That is not the case. It is still loading all the necessary files (eventhough, the Task Manager [and the Simulator's Titlebar, screen 8 and 9]may show it to be "Not responding").

Screen 8: MaSzyna Simulator- Startup screen, Windows XP and olderScreen 9: MaSzyna Simulator - Startup screen, Windows Vista & 7

To find out about that, all you have to do is press Alt + Tab. Then we will see the "Terminal" (on Windows Vista and 7, switching to the terminal durning loading only works if the Fullscreen mode is unchecked; and then, once the simulator has loaded, the Alt + Tab combination works normally, even in fullscreen mode). We will be able to watch the simulator loading process. Sometimes, it can stop for a while on the stage shown on the screen 10 (Sound Init… OK) , however, it won't stay there forever :)

Screen 10: MaSzyna Simulator - loading of the sim in the terminal

You just need to wait untill it finishes loading.

The scenario has loaded when the following is displayed in the terminal:
Player train init OK

We should be automatically moved to the cab. If not, we switch into the window with the simulation, by using Alt + Tab.

After the cab has loaded, we begin the simulation in the standing position, as if we just entered the cab through the doors. To sit down at the controls, press the Right Mouse Button.

If durning loading ( or after, durning the simulation) a notification is displayed, that the program has carried out a incorrect operation, that it has stopped responding / froze or that there was a fault with the application, it means that, most probably you have very old drivers for your graphics card (In these cases, it is very common that in the first few lines of log.txt the following test is displayed: "OpenGL Version: 1.1.0"). In that case, in order to run the Simulator, download (for example from the graphic card's manufacturer's website) and install newer drivers (in some cases it may be necessary to uninstall previously installed (the older) drivers ; in some cases, "DriverCleaner" app may be of use ).

Keyboard Control

Important notice

The keys and their functions have been slightly altered (in regards to previous Simulator versions). We reqest that you familiarise yourself thoroughly with the description available below.

Go to the site containing Keyboard Contols


Controlling, or the popular "How to move the loco?" and others.

Important notice

The start-up procedure had been altered (in relation to previous versions of the Simulator) and we reqest that you familiarise yourself thoroughly with the description available below.

Go to site containing Train Control description.

Changing Cabs

In order to move to the other cab, press either:

  • End - move towards cab B (cab A, is normally the one in which the simulation began in).
  • Home - move towards cab A (in case of being in cab B).

Attention: In between the cabs, there is the "Engine Room" (in some locos, it looks like a green room). If you are in the Engine Room, then press either Home or End (depending on the direction in which you plan on going) for a second time. When changing cabs in Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) and locos that have more than one unit, you will need to press End or Home a couple of times (for example, in EN57 we press End twice, to move from ra(Driving Trailer) unit, to unit s (Motor Coach), and then End three times, in order to move to rb unit, and then finally press End twice, to enter the cab). Changing cabs means that the Sim need to load it's model, that's why after pressing Home or End it is necessary to wait (for it to load).

If we are driving a vehicle in Multiple Working, or it is a double-unit loco, or a EMU, it is important to check if both the Independant and the Loco brake is in the Running position ("brake off"). We also should set the Train Brake to Cut-off position(Ctrl + Num 5).

Coupling and uncoupling


  1. Drive up to the train (don't leave the cab), when you feel that you buffered up (Drove up to the buffers, and slightly hit them), move the throttle up 2-3 positions, and brake using the Independant Brake (reminder: Num 1).
    WARNING!: If, when buffering up, the carriages "run away", then leave the cab, F4 fly up to two, three carriages and brake them using the Handbrakes, holding Ctrl + Num 1. When you are done with the whole coupling-up precedure, fly up to those same carriages, and hold Ctrl + Num 7 in order to release the handbrakes.
  2. Exit the cab - F4.
  3. Get as close to the coupler as possible - imagine you are coupling them up yourself. It's not enough to come close vertically, you also need to move horizontally. In majority of cases, you should also lower you self a little bit by using PageDown.
  4. Press Insert twice - you will hear the characteristic air leak sound and a model of a coupled-up screw-link coupler will be shown, along with the "red hose".
    If you, additionally, want to connect the Main Reservoir Pipe ("Yellow hose") then press Insert once more.
    WARNING: Sometimes, the coupler and the hoses won't move, it doesn't mean that the loco has not connected up to the carriages.
  5. Go back to the cab - F4.
  6. Unbrake the loco - Num 7 and go to the other cab.


  1. Brake the whole train, pressing the Num 3 for around one second, from the Running position.
  2. Unbrake the loco only - Num 6.
  3. Move the Reverser backwards by 2 positions (2 x r) and select the 2nd or 3rd position on the Power Controller, to buffer up to the carriages, and brake using Independant brake (rem.: Num 1).
  4. Exit the cab - F4.
  5. Get as close to the coupling as possible - imagine you are uncoupling them yourself. It's not enough to come close vertically, you also need to move horizontally. In majority of cases, you should also lower you self a little bit by using PageDown.
  6. Press Delete once - you will hear the characteristic air leak sound.
  7. Go back to the cab - F4.
  8. Unbrake the loco - Num 7.


To couple up to a train on the same track, drive up to it gently. After you buffer up, brake using the Independant brake. In order to prevent a runaway train, it is vital that you perform a Full Service brake application or at least a Service brake application (Num 8).
WARNING: If your train is to be coupled up to a train driven by AI, (ie. you drive a Banking Engine or the AI hauls our loco/train ), then it is absolutely necessary to set the Train Brake to the Cut-Off position (Ctrl + Num 5)!
If the user drives the train, then the Train Brake valve must stay in the braking positions, and the Reverser must be in either the forward or backward position. This deactivates the AI !!. After the above has been completed, one can now start to couple the couplers with Insert. The moment the coupler is connected (after the first Insert key press ) AI "being" in the set is either deactivated (Train brake in the braking positions) or it's activated (Train brake in the Cut-Off position). If you make a mistake (choose wrong action), then decouple, set the Train brake in the correct position, and try to couple up again.

How to change the consist in the scenario?

Important Notice

Please pay attention to how to place EMUs in the scenarios (including, amongst others; the EN57). Not paying special attention with the information below is the leading cause of having trouble with starting up the EMUs.

Go to site containing two methods of changing trains in the scenarios.

How to change weather, sky?

With the help of Rainsted.exe Launcher, which allows us to change the sky, along with setting the specially tailored atmo and light parameters. In order to do this , after starting the Launcher, we will need to:

  • Set the Usermode to Normal or higher (Settings tab),
  • Go to Choose scenery tab and make sure that Save to temporary file (in right lower corner) is checked, if not, then check/tick it,
  • Choose scenario
  • Go to Settings tab,
  • Choose the setting we like from the list on the left Weather for temporary scenery file,
  • Choose the In temporary scenery: option to always change.

Turning on and off the platform lamps

  • In this pack, on all the scenarios, the lamps turn on and off automatically after they exceed the threshold values of athmospheric light. There is no longer any need to change any files.

Contents of the Pack

Sceneries (Routes) and scenarios

Name Authors, notes
Bałtyk Authors: adampkp, Slimson, Mateu. Route finish (scenarios, fixes): Krzysiek626, Mati_An.
Bałtyk Cargo Scenario for Bałtyk scenery. Author: kamil1306.
Bałtyk CTL Scenario for Bałtyk scenery. Author: kamil1306.
Bałtyk Interregio Scenario for Bałtyk scenery. Author: szogun.
Bałtyk_zima Bałtyk scenery (Winter) mod. Author: Sigman.
Całkowo Authors: adampkp, Slimson. Semaphore lighting: Benek.
Całkowo_Orlen Scenario for Całkowo scenery. Author: Benek.
Całkowo_SN61 Scenario for Całkowo scenery. Author: SKP.
Drawinowo 2 Author: Mati_An.
Elektrociepłownia_dobre Authors: sm42driver, szogun.
Elektrociepłownia_dobre-zima Authors: sm42driver, szogun, macius5991.
Krzyżowa 2 Author: Mati_An.
Linia 053 Author (Route and scenarios 1-6): Driver24.
Scenario "Linia 053 - Express and Freight mission" (l053-sluzba-brutto-posp): Mati_An.
Scenario "Linia 053 - Night Shift - 4_v2" (l053-sluzba-4-night_v2) Author: Benek.
Scenario "l053-sluzba-osobowy" (Suburban) Author: Benek.
Scenario "l053_cargo" Author: pinokio.
Scenario "l053-night-towarowy-et22" (Freight) Author: Woku.
Scenario "l053-night-towarowy-et42" (Freight) Author: Woku.
Scenario "l053-night-towarowy-eu07" (Freight) Author: Woku.
Linia 053 + Całkowo Authors: Driver24 & Mati_An.
Scenario "Linia 053 + Całkowo TLK" Author: Mati_An.
Scenario "Linia 053 + Całkowo TLK-1" Author: Mati_An.
Linia 61 Authors: BohunIC, ISDR. Fixes: adsim.
Scenario author "linia61_osobowy3": dymus.
Radio for "towarowy1" scenario : pinokio.
Scenario author "linia61_tlk-1": Benek.
Linia61 + Linia144 Scenario author: ISDR. "Ozimek - Fosowskie" section: BohunIC.
Scenario "L61 + L144_towarowy" Author: ISDR.
Author of "L61 + L144_osobowy" and "L61 + L144_pospieszny" scenarios: Benek.
Scenario "L61 + L144 Lotos" Author: Woku.
Scenario "L61 + L144 TLK" Author: Benek.
Manewrowo 3 Author: pozdze.
Moczniki Author: wasyl.
Moczniki Cargo Scenario for Moczniki scenery. Author: Benek.
Moczniki Popych Scenario for Moczniki scenery. Author: Benek.
Quarkmce 2007 Authors: Quark-t (terrain and track layout), McZapkie (considerable expansion), Mati_An (scenarios), Krzysiek626 (electrification, superelevations), Ra (new traffic control, scenario remodelling).
Tarniowo Author: Mati_An.
Tarniowo 2 Authors: Mati_An (original), Ra (rebuild).
TD Author: Marcin E2rD.
Teszt-25kV TD scenery modification. Hungarian signs ware added, and the catenary is 25kV AC. Author: Ra.
WARNING! Electric locos can not be driven on this scenery since the Polish vehicles are designed for 3kV DC and not 25kV AC power supply. The only exception is E186 (also inc. 146, E583 and EU43), which can drive on this scenery, but only as AI since they do not have cabs.
Zwierzyniec Author: wasyl; Radio for freight and express scenarios: filip2h.
Zwierzyniec ED72 Scenario for Zwierzyniec scenery. Author: Woku.
Zwierzyniec SM42 Scenario for Zwierzyniec scenery. Author: Woku.
Zwierzyniec TLK Scenario for Zwierzyniec scenery. Author: szogun.
Zwierzyniec Towos Scenario for Zwierzyniec scenery. Author: Benek.
Zwierzyniec Transport Scenario for Zwierzyniec scenery (swapping textures for winter ones - szogun). Author: Woku.


  • Vehicles with cabs (can be driven)

    Name Authors, notes
    4e_v1 Exterior models: modified 303e_v1 models - szogun. Cabs: hunter (3), Profeta (2); Tens of textures - Authors: Sigman, Sakorius, adsim, Patrykos, Mati_An, EU05, szogun, Kacu, EU07-483, hanys. Multiple fixes: adsim.
    181_v1 Exterior models (Skoda 181 and 182), Textures and Cab: Patrykos. Characteristics: ET22_RULZ and youBy.
    303e_v1 Exterior models: Sakorius, FLOYD, adsim. Textures: Sigman, Patrykos, adsim, Mati_An, szogun, sebalorek, Kacu, WSK, Davidsonxx, Bartek46, ST44-003, hanys, maciejgrzywna. Cabs: hunter. Multiple fixes: adsim.
    303eb Author: szogun (basic model mods). Cab (based on cab by hunter): szogun. Textures: szogun, hanys.
    6dg_v1 szogun
    br285_v1 Ádám Nagy, szogun, hanys
    dl2_v1 Piotrek
    dr2_v1 Stele
    ed72_v1 Exterior model: szogun. Textures: szogun. Cab PEKAP, Kolejarz. Fixes: szogun.
    en57_v1 Authors: PEKAP, Kolejarz. Fixes: Sakorius, Oli_EU (CT), szogun. Textures: Patrykos, Kacu, sebalorek, james.szczesny, szogun.
    en57-2000_v1 Bombardier, szogun
    ep05_v2 szogun
    ep07_v1 Exterior model - 4e_v1. Cab (mod of the cab by hunter): szogun. Textures: adsim, WSK, szogun.
    ep08_v1 Exterior model - 4e_v1. Cab (mod of the cab by hunter): szogun. Textures: Sigman, szogun, ST44-003.
    ep09_v1 Exterior model: Profeta. Cabs: Rozi (104e_2, 104e_3); KURS90, MKaczy (104e_1) . Textures: Profeta, adsim, ST44-003, hanys, szogun.
    et21_v2 Exterior model: Oli_EU (CT); finishing touches and fixes: Sakorius, adsim. Cabs: PEKAP, Kolejarz. Textures: Sigman, hanys.
    et22-2000_v2 Exterior model (et22_v1 model modification) MKaczy, adsim. Cab (et22_v1 cab modification) MKaczy. Characteristics youBy.
    et22_v2 Exterior model: szogun. Cab: szogun. Mapping: Patrykos. Textures: szogun, Patrykos, adsim, hanys, PMT.
    et40_v1 Exterior model: ZT-POZNAN (Mega Pack). Finishing touches: EP08_015. Fixes: KURS90. Cab: KURS90. Textures: EP08_015, EU05. Characteristics: EU07-457, ET22_RULZ.
    et41_v1 Model: Sakorius; Finishing touches and fixes: youBy, Patrykos. Cab (mod of the cab by hunter): Patrykos. Textures: Patrykos. Sounds:
    et41_v2 Pictures: Hadomik, jussi19, CTL. Author: Patrykos. Fixes: szogun
    et42_v2 Exterior model: szogun. Cab: szogun (renewed KURS90 model). Textures: szogun, hanys. Characteristics: KURS90, ET22_RULZ.
    eu04_v1 EP08_015. Characteristics: ET22_RULZ.
    eu05_v2 szogun
    m62_mod_v1 Cab (moded the cab, orignally by PEKAP): Bombardier.
    sm03_v1 szogun (Based off 409Da_v2 Author: Root)
    sm31_v1 Kudłacz
    sm40_v1 Piotrek

    The loco has a cab, but it's not possible to drive. It simply won't budge.
    sm41_v1 Piotrek
    sm42_v1 Exterior model and cab: Sakorius. Textures: Sakorius, Sigman. Multiple fixes (models, textures): adsim.
    sn61_v1 OlO_EU, McZapkie, Kakish, Chester
    sp42_v1 Exterior model and cab: Sakorius. Textures: Sakorius, Sigman. Fixes: hunter, Rozi, adsim.
    st43_v1 Patrykos, Marcin_ST43
    st44_v1 Exterior models (DizelPack, CCCP Pack): youBy. Cab: PEKAP, modifications Sigman. Textures: youBy, Sigman, Patrykos, Sakorius.
    st45_v2 Exterior model (based on model by Sakorius): szogun. Cab (based on SU45 cab by Bombardier: szogun. Texture: Patrykos.
    su45_v2 Exterior model: Sakorius, multiple fixes: adsim. Cab: Bombardier, adamst (modified cab originally for Trainz), szogun (adapting for MaSzyna). Textures: Sigman, dx286, szogun.
    su46_v2 Exterior model: Sakorius (DizelPack). Cab (mod of cab by Profeta): szogun. Textures: Sakorius, hummel, SM42drive, jaca83, Rootek.
    tem2_v2 Exterior model and cab: Sigman, multiple fixes - adsim. Textures: Sigman.
    tem2u_v2 Exterior model and cab: Sigman, multiple fixes - adsim. Textures: Sigman.
  • Others

    Name Authors, notes
    163_v1 james.szczesny
    16xa_v1 szogun, hanys, youBy, Patrykos, Sawi, Stele, Floyd, adsim, MK1991, Joachimowicz
    401da_v1 EP08_015
    810_v1 Texture: Lelek
    e186_v1 Profeta, fixes: Rozi. Textures: Profeta, hanys, szogun.
    el204_v1 Exterior model: Oli_EU (CT). Finishing touches: EP08_015. Characteristics: ET22_RULZ.
    em10_v1 EP08_015
    em120_v1 KURS90 (Mega Pack)
    ep01_v1 Oli_EU (CT)
    ep03_v1 EP08_015
    eu20_v1 EP08_015
    ew58_v1 EP08_015
    ew60_v1 EP08_015
    machajka_v1 Returned from the previous Pack
    maxima_v1 Rozi
    sa102_111_v1 EP08_015
    su42_v1 Exterior model: Sakorius, adsim. Textures: Sigman.
    t448p_v1 Model: Bombardier. Textures: Sigman.
    wm15_v1 bohunIC
    wmb10_v1 Exterior model: szogun. Textures: szogun.
    1xxa_v1 Models: Kakish. Textures: EP08_015, Jaras, Speed, Mutopompka (Passenger Pack 1), Cesky Kretek (Passenger Pack 2), RooteK,FLOYD, Kacu, libertyn89, sebalorek, hanys, P208 and others. Interior textures: Kacu, szogun.
    111a-noc_v1 Kacu (based on 1xxa_v1 textures and models)
    bdhinu_v1 EP08_015
    bdhpumn_v2 Model: szogun. Textures: szogun, hanys.
    bdhpumn-noc_v2 Modified bdhpumn_v2. Author: janek32.
    bhp_v1 Exterior model: Sakorius, FLOYD, adsim. Textures: Patrykos, Sakorius. Multiple fixes: adsim.
    bmz_v2 Model (z1_v2): szogun. Textures: adapted from bmz_v1.
    z1_v2 Model: szogun. Textures: szogun, maacius, Cesky Kretek.
    408w_v1 Patrykos, youBy
    412w_v1 Patrykos, youBy
    413s_v1 CTL
    424z_v1 Patrykos
    430w_v1 Patrykos
    eams_v1 Model: RooteK. Textures: RooteK, Patrykos, Sigman.
    eaos_v1 Model: Kakish, ZT-POZNAN. Textures: Kakish, ZT-POZNAN, Patrykos, Sigman, dx286.
    cd/es_v1 Tézsé
    es_v2 Model: Sigman. Textures: Sigman, RooteK.
    falns_v1 Model: youBy. Textures: youBy, Sigman, Dozer.
    fas_v2 Model: Żabek, Rootek. Textures: Sigman.
    flls_v1 Model: PEKAP. Textures: PEKAP, firefoxfan.
    gags_v2 Model: Bombardier. Textures: Sigman. Fixed, bogie: Sakorius.
    gbs_v1 Model: Sakorius. Textures: Sakorius, Sigman.
    lgs_v1 Patrykos
    mieszkalny_v1 Pit, McZapkie
    rlmmp_v1 hunter
    uaaikks_v1 Rozi
    rs_v1 Sakorius
    sgs_v1 Author: WSK. Fixes: szogun. Bogies: Patrykos, youBy.
    sieciowiec_v1 OlO_EU
    sis_v2 Rozi
    uacs_v3 Model: Rozi. Textures: Rozi, Patrykos.
    wozek_torowy_v1 Stele, Sawi
    z1b_v1 Authors: hanys, Patrykos, matek123
    zaes_v1 Model: Kakish. Textures: Sigman.
    zaes_v2 Model: Patrykos. Fixes: szogun. Textures: Patrykos.

Package information

MaSzyna 15.04 is based on previous versions (08.13, 01.13, PC2011, 2010, 2009). This version has largely focused on fixing the layout of the catenary on the sceneries, in order to fully utilise the new feature of simulating the contact between the pantograph and the catenary, and improving the catenary power supply chain.
Teams that prepared these packs:

  • PC2009, PC2010
  • Dolmio89 - team co-ordinator
  • adsim
  • Krzysiek626
  • libertyn89
  • lukasz92
  • przepioramarcin
  • Rozi
  • ZiomalCl
  • PC2011
  • adsim - team co-ordinator
  • dejotzbych
  • hunter
  • jageer
  • Krzysiek626
  • Rozi
  • Sawi
  • szczawik
  • Szociu
  • szogun
  • Quark-t
  • MaSzyna 01.13
  • Sawi - team co-ordinator
  • adsim
  • jageer
  • MasterYoda
  • szczawik
  • Szociu
  • szogun
  • Woku
  • MaSzyna 08.13
  • Sawi - team co-ordinator
  • adsim
  • popatrz
  • szogun
  • Woku
  • youBy
  • Ra
  • MaSzyna 15.04
  • Sawi - team co-ordinator
  • adsim
  • Maciej
  • Krzysiek626
  • sebastian82
  • Stele
  • szogun
  • Woku
  • youBy
  • ZiomalCl
  • Ra

Many other people also contributed, but we have no way of listing every single one ot them. We thank everybody that helped.

Improvements and new EXE functions

  • Extended catenary power supply chain usage and simulation — currently, each individual catenary sections can be powered from two sides, voltage drops due to the loads being applied are taken into account, it's possible to overload the substations.
  • The pantograph and catenary interactions.
  • AI reacts to signs concerning the catenary.
  • Power controler positions ware altered — added the correct operation of the single-way camshaft on the EN57 and the "group" cam shaft in ET22.
  • Random event delay — it is possible to get a delayed event execution.
  • LoD distance calculation— if the vertical resolution is other than 768 pixels, the LoD (MinDist and MaxDist) phase change distance will be calculated accordingly.
  • Improved pantograph animations — Currently the pantograph components are measured from the model, and based on these, the animation's parameters are calculated.
  • Extended start-up procedure — it is possible to start the loco up without the air, which requires the three-way valve to be switched and the use of auxilary compressor.
  • Display the sound subtitles: after adding lang en into eu07.ini file, the English subtitles will be displayed, or if you add lang cz — czech, and lang hu — hungarian subtitles will be displayed instead.
  • Opacity parameter interpretation change — currently for values of 100 the submodel is rendered in the opaque phase, and semi-transparents / translucents are NOT rendered.
  • Improved car traffic behaviour on road intersections / junctions.
  • Batteries ware implemented.
  • New lamps ware added in some cabs. Kilometer(Mileage) displays ware added, and animation handling was rebuild, allowing to have gauge duplicates (Speedometers, ammeters, voltmeters, manometers and rotometers), as long as they show the same value.
  • Muting of unnecessary sounds.
  • "All clear for departure" signals from the guard.
  • Independant point blade animation.
  • The SM03 loco can now work in two gear ranges. AI can also use this function, and also drive SN61.
  • Destionation display board texture and upto four textures on vehicle models. Destination display board texture is choosen based on the timetable, and can differenciate between types of vehicles (ie different textures between Motor Coaches and Trailing Coaches).
  • Also, many vehicle physics fixes, especially in the brakes, ware added. Nearly all ware done by comrade youBy.

New Stuff

  • Catenary positions ware fixed on majority of sceneries;
  • New Polish description of Manewrowo 3 scenery;
  • New loco and wagon textures;
  • Improved EP09 characteristics;
  • Timetable is shown after pressing F3;
  • The BR285 loco model, with the cab;
  • The ST43 loco model with the cab;
  • New scenarios;
  • Numerous fixes for the sceneries.
Important notice
When the cab has loaded, we begin the simulation in the standing position, as if we just entered the cab through the doors. To sit down in front of the controls, press right mouse button.


Why is ... not included in this pack?

In order to understand why the packs don't contain all the add-ons published from the start of the existance of the Simulator, you need to know that for a couple of years, when it comes to add-on creation, there was simply only chaos. Add-ons often ware not tested before being published (there ware no standards, norms etc), which ment that they had errors, ware incomplete and often, ware incompatible with each other (often adding one scenery, broke all the remaining sceneries). Additionally, addons ware often hosted on external servers, which removed them after some time, which caused the forum to be full of dead links, instead of addons. Only at the end of 2008, thanks to Ra, it was possible to clean up the mess, through gathering everything in "Katalog dodatków" / Addon Catalogue , on the server. But to simply have all the addons in one place wasn't enough. The addon publication process was reorganised (from the end of 2008, every single addon, prior to publication, must be subject to mandatory tests). However, the incomplatability problem remained, since there was a lack of official and up-to-date package, which could create some sort of an reference point for the testers and creators (last, unofficial package was published half-way through 2006, however the last official, in 2004). That is why, at the beginning of 2009, a group was created, who spend a couple of months choosing, from previously published addons, the addons that ware worthy and didn't have too many mistakes, and then worked on the inter-compatability of these addons, by removing significant mistakes, filling in the missing files, etc. That is how Paczka Całościowa 2009, 2010, 2011 along with the Service Packs, MaSzyna 01.13 and MaSzyna 08.13 ware created. Newest Package (called MaSzyna 15.04) is a continuation of that work, and just like the previous Packs, does not contain any low quality addons, or ones in Beta testing.

The Simlator's executable file – EXE

MaSzyna 15.04 contains "EXE 469" (eu07.exe file, the 15.3.1166.469 version, 1263 kiB in size, located in the main folder of the Simulator) created by Ra and youBy. It eliminates many mistakes, and contains some new functions. In order to see the full changelog of EXE 469 (in respect to the EXE from MaSzyna 08.13 pack), read the (Polish only) descriptions on the website dedicated to: [ALL THE FOLLOWING LINKS ARE IN POLISH ONLY]: EU07.EXE 414, EU07.EXE 424, EU07.EXE 435, EU07.EXE 441, EU07.EXE 450, EU07.EXE 457, EU07.EXE 464 and EU07.EXE 469.

What next? When is a new version / new add-ons comming out?

We are hobbists, who have to divide our time between families, jobs, learning and only in our spare time we can create things for the Simulator. That is why, when asked "When is the new loco/route/pack comming out?" we can not give a 100% accurate (or binding) answer. We are not a group closed to new people and their ideas. If you want to conribute, we will welcome you :) You can, for example, help the add-on creators by photographing the infrastructure, buildings etc. in order to make the routes in MaSzyna more realistic. More info here: [POLISH ONLY],17369.0.html.

If you are good at programming, modelling, sound editing, you have a good camera or simply have loads of spare time, then we would be happy to work with you on improving the Simulator.

The Simulator Licence

See the page containing the Licence

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. Most occuring problems and their solutions

Questions List

In order to get to the answer, please press on the question.


If you hold the brake handle for too long in the Quick Release position, it might happen that, the train will not release the brakes when you put the handle in the Running position. It is so called 'Brake Overcharge'. You need to apply Full Service braking, pressing Num 5, exit the cab, fly over the whole train, and press Num 6(Brake Release) over every carriage/car. For future reference, do not hold the Brake handle in the Quick Release position for longer than couple of seconds. If your train has the following carriages, then; Bdhpumn, WLABd & Z1 , avoid using Quick Release if possible. Passenger trains generally don't need you to use it.
In case of long freight trains you can (and sometimes have to) use it "'till it stops" (untill the pressure stabilises itself at 5,4 bar), however the moment that happens you need to put it in the Running position.
Hunter's fixes ware added to the EXE, which are designed to implement more realistic control of electric vehicles. These are considerable changes, and thus require changes to the key control and starting methods (for electric vehicles). Please familiarise yourself with the following: