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EU07 Simulator English forum / Oerlikon Fv4a and modern brake valves
« dnia: 20 Grudnia 2023, 16:06:35 »
I've noticed that in the simulator, in modern locomotives (6dgb, E483_202, BR285) the brake valves doesn't do high pressure burst to release brakes, as Oerlikon valve does, them only fill the pipe to 5 Bar, optionally them have a button to slightly overcharge the brake pipe. Here in Spain, as far as I know, never have been a brake valve that does high pressure burst, but I don't know why.

I think the behavior of Oerlikon  Fv4a valve is very adequate, they do a high pressure burst (max. about 7.2 Bar) to ensure the last wagon of a large train gets quickly filled with 5 Bar or more to release its brake in an adequate way, few seconds later the pressure drops automatically to prevent overcharging control tanks, the pressure remain then at a value slightly above 5 Bar (max. 5.4 Bar) to compensate pressure drop when brakes are fully released and auxiliary tanks start to filling. If any control tank gets slightly overcharged there is no problem, the pressure in brake pipe drops slowly to 5 Bar, to reduce control tank pressure without braking the train. Everything is planned with this brake valve, and works fully mechanically!! without electronic control. Oerlikon Fv4a is a very complex valve but I think it does a good job.

Why modern brake valves with advanced electronic control behave in such a simple manner? There are many inconvenients: in a train larger than 300 meters when locomotive brake pipe is filled to 5 Bar, last wagon is filled to 4.7 Bar (at least in the simulator), the brake starts releasing but stops releasing because pipe is not filled to 5 Bar. The brake pipe gets slowly filled to 5 Bar and brake finally gets fully released, but it's a very very very slow process.

Is there anything bad with Oerlikon Fv4a valve? Perhaps it's excessively aggressive?

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: New route when scenario is done
« dnia: 18 Grudnia 2023, 00:25:06 »
You can enter any train or locomotive you wish: exit the vehicle with F4 key, then move near the vehicle you want to drive and press F5 to "capture" it, then you can drive this vehicle.

For example, in L053 scenarios (noc, poludnie, poranek, wieczor) you can drive short EMU missions and when you end go to a shunting locomotive and do its mission, and perhaps you form an interesting goods consist and you want to drive it, you can. Press Shift q to activate autopilot. Let the computer drive the shunting locomotive and wait for other locomotive approaching to the consist, when it's near you can "capture" it by pressing F5 key.

Recently I've played L053 in this way and it's very exciting. In many scenarios you can play this way, but L053 scenarios are specially able to this, them have very interdependent missions, for example, to drive a passenger train you must wait for a shunting locomotive to put the cars in the platform. Virtually any vehicle you enter will have a mission, there are only few static vehicles.

To view what you must do when you enter any vehicle, keep "Scenario" window opened, press F3 if it is closed.

Tabor kolejowy / Odp: Waga silników trakcyjnych.
« dnia: 15 Listopada 2023, 19:17:17 »
@manolollr: translatory najlepiej radzą sobie z angielskim, a szczególnie ten z google / Translators are the best with English, especially the one from Google / Los traductores son los mejores con el inglés, especialmente el de Google.
Ok, Dziękuję.

Tabor kolejowy / Odp: Waga silników trakcyjnych.
« dnia: 15 Listopada 2023, 16:18:04 »
Jestem z Hiszpanii. Mógłbym mówić po angielsku, ale obecnie tłumacze radzą sobie całkiem nieźle. Użyję tłumacza, żeby sprawdzić, czy mnie zrozumieją, więc mówię w twoim języku.

Mam dokument, który mówi, że silnik EU07 waży 4200 Kg.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: How can I use SetDamage in events?
« dnia: 11 Listopada 2023, 14:18:47 »
I've made it!! I broke the engine!! In older versions of Maszyna was easier to break the engine, in newer versions is more difficult. Here is how I've made it:

The source code of Maszyna is at GitHub:

At McZapkie/Mover.cpp there is this code, at line 433:

    // awarie
    MotorCurrent = abs(Im); // zmienna pomocnicza

if (MotorCurrent > 0)
if (FuzzyLogic(abs(n), nmax * 1.1, p_elengproblem))
if (MainSwitch(false))
EventFlag = true; /*zbyt duze obroty - wywalanie wskutek ognia okreznego*/
if (TestFlag(DamageFlag, dtrain_engine))
if (FuzzyLogic(MotorCurrent, (double)ImaxLo / 10.0, p_elengproblem))
if (MainSwitch(false))
EventFlag = true; /*uszkodzony silnik (uplywy)*/
if ((FuzzyLogic(abs(Im), Imax * 2, p_elengproblem) ||
FuzzyLogic(abs(n), nmax * 1.11, p_elengproblem)))
/*       or FuzzyLogic(Abs(U/Mn),2*NominalVoltage,1)) then */ /*poprawic potem*/
if ((SetFlag(DamageFlag, dtrain_engine)))
EventFlag = true;
/*! dorobic grzanie oporow rozruchowych i silnika*/

According to the code there is a way to break the engine, run the locomotive 11% faster than maximum allowed engine rotation speed (nmax), for EP07-424 in TD scenery nmax is 2390 RPM, you can see it at file: dynamic/pkp/303e_v1/303e-ep.fiz You can edit this file and set nmax to a lower value, for example 1500, to make it easier to break the engine.
Then uncouple locomotive and drive it at high speed, open debug window with F12 key and observe the parameter "Revolutions: Engine:", it should be higher than 1665 (11% higher than 1500).
The circuit breaker will trip many times, because of excessive engine rotation speed. Rearm it and keep driving at high speed, after a few minutes the engine will be broken.

With the engine broken you can't use it at intensity higher than 60A, well, it doesn't work. You can repair it stopping locomotive and going to engine room (Home or End keys). There press Ctrl - E keyboard shortcut to repair it.

It will be very interesting to add more malfunctions to Maszyna, for example, a malfunction in main brake regulator (FV4a valve), forcing you to use emergency brake valve.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: How can I use SetDamage in events?
« dnia: 11 Listopada 2023, 13:43:34 »
You can send commands to AI trains without the need of events, using simulator debug functionality:

Activate debug, open Map and right click on an AI train. You will see a window to send commands.

Almost all the commands work, but I haven't been able to get some to work: SetDamage, SetLights...

EU07 Simulator English forum / How can I use SetDamage in events?
« dnia: 10 Listopada 2023, 14:27:10 »
Hi! I'm doing experiments with events. I've modified TD scenery a little to include some events. This is my code:

//event keyctrl08 multiple 0.1 none przej_1_zamykaj przej_2_zamykaj endevent
//event keyctrl09 multiple 0.1 none przej_1_otwieraj przej_2_otwieraj endevent

//Posar en marxa el tren
node -1 0 ep07_sta memcell 1.0 1.0 1.0 Wait_for_orders 0 0 start endmemcell
event keyctrl08 updatevalues 0.1 ep07_sta Prepare_engine 1 0 endevent

//Trencar el motor
event keyctrl09 updatevalues 0.1 ep07_sta SetDamage 32 1 endevent

The comments are written in catalan, my native language, they mean "start train" and "break engine"

I've added a second trainset, so the original trainset is controlled by the AI. The "Prepare_engine" works without problem, when you press Shift - 8 the AI starts engine automatically, but "SetDamage"  command is not working, you press Shift - 9 and appears this in the log:

Key pressed: [Shift]+[9]
Type: UpdateValues & Track command - [SetDamage] [32.00] [1.00]
 Memcell: ep07_sta - [SetDamage] [32.00] [1.00]
 Vehicle: [ep07-424]

Apparently the "SetDamage" command has executed correctly, but it does nothing, engine is not broken.

How can I use SetDamage? In my opinion it's a very interesting command because it can introduce random malfunctions.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Wipers?
« dnia: 06 Listopada 2023, 18:56:54 »
Are there any plan to include animated wipers in MasZyna? It would be exciting, raining or snowing and the wipers moving...

EU07 Foro de Simulador en español / Odp: Necesito yuda....
« dnia: 06 Listopada 2023, 18:46:17 »
MasZyna sí conduce los trenes como debe ser

A mi me encanta poner la ventana de debug y ver todos los parámetros: el esfuerzo de tracción, la presión de las tuberías de freno y de los tanques de aire, la corriente eléctrica que circula, observar como las posiciones de shunt tienen menos fuerza (es el precio a pagar por conseguir más velocidad).

Este simulador tiene una precisión increíble. Sólo le faltan limpiaparabrisas (wipers) y ya sería absolutamente perfecto.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Help me understand the timetable.
« dnia: 22 Października 2023, 12:45:20 »
I'm not a Polish player too, but this game is very good ans is spread over the world.

I've played this game for many years.

Po: Passenger stop (Postoj Osobowy)
Pt: Technical stop (Przystanek techniczny). For example, a train can wait for the opposite.
Ph and Pm: I don't know, perhaps a type of stop.
podg: Bifurcation. The railroad have tracks to one direction and others to other direction.

Ok. Thank you!!! Mystery resolved.


In this video appears an EU07 about minute 3, you can see through the window that the driver is moving the brake lever to an strong brake position, perhaps emergency, and later he moves the lever to cut-off position.

So I'm 99% sure that the correct procedure is apply emergency brake first and later move to cut-off position.

If anyone can confirm this I will be 100% sure.


In this video you can hear strong air exhaust when the driver is starting to change cabin. I think the driver is doing the 3rd option: apply emergency brake, then you can move brake lever to cut-off position and the locomotive remains braked.

The manual says (Czarodziej, thanks again for the document):

- uruchomić hamulec i pozostawić zawór główny poc. w położeniu odcięcia

Translated in an online translator:

- apply brake and leave main(train) valve in position cutoff

In the simulator you can apply train brake and later press "Ctrl - 5" to directly move lever to cut-off position, and locomotive remains braked. But in reality you must move the lever passing by "quick release" position, so the brakes are released. The best thing you can do is apply emergency brake.

In modern EMU's, like Newag Impuls, when you disable a cabin the brake pipe is exhausted as if you were applied emergency brake. It seems the correct procedure is to apply emergency brake.

Can anyone confirm this? Any EU07 driver in the forum?

I'll try to find a video that clearly shows the procedure.

Thank you. I'll read the documents.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Change cabin procedure in EU07 (Version 2)
« dnia: 09 Listopada 2022, 12:46:18 »
This topic is related to another I wrote years ago, in 2017:


I'm obsessed with that :-) but it's a healthy obsession to get knowledge.

Now my question is about the brakes. You are shunting and you brake with the locomotive brake (FD1 valve). In the simulator, you change cabin and the FD1 valve is in the same position and you can release brakes easily, but in the real life, if locomotive brake is applied in the other cabin you can't release brakes in the new cabin, it's applied all time. Am I rigth?

So, which choices are possible? :

  • Release locomotive brake and change cabin. This is a little dangerous in flat terrain and not possible in steep terrain.
  • Apply locomotive brake, change cabin, apply locomotive brake in that cabin, return to previous cabin, release locomotive bake, return to the new cabin. With this procedure you walk a lot. Well, it's healthy but it seems a little stupid.
  • Apply emergency brake in the train brake valve until pressure drops below 0.3 MPa, then you can return the valve to neutral position and locomotive remains braked. Now you can change cabin safely. This is the procedure I use, but it's a little weird, it wastes air.

So, which is the procedure drivers do in real life?

In the newest version of the simulator (22.08), the "Driving aid" window suggest that whe train is stopped you must raise the two pantographs, and when the train run at about 5 km/h you can lower the front pantograph.

Why is this action done? Is it applicable to inverter asynchronous locomtives, EMU's or light passenger trains?

EU07 Simulator English forum / Catenary colors in debug mode
« dnia: 31 Lipca 2017, 17:08:53 »
When I activate debug mode Ctrl - Shift - F12 catenary line have several colors: violet, red, green, yellow... What does they mean?

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Change cabin procedure in EU07
« dnia: 28 Lipca 2017, 09:59:44 »
Thank you!!!

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Change cabin procedure in EU07
« dnia: 28 Lipca 2017, 01:11:02 »
In this video:

when the engineer change cabin he must up the pantograph and close line breaker. It's an EP09, but the procedure is the same, so my doubts are resolved in this vídeo.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Change cabin procedure in EU07
« dnia: 27 Lipca 2017, 08:58:06 »
Hi! I'm enjoying this good game, it's very realistic.

What is the procedure to change cabin in a real EU07?

I've seen in Train Driver 2 and in some videos about EU07 that there is a control to enable/disable the cabin. Also, I've seen that the reverser and the enable control are handled by a key that you can extract. It seems there is only one key per locomotive, so you can't enable 2 cabins at same time nor handle the reverser.

So to change the cabin you must put reverser to neutral and extract the key, and disable the cabin and extract the key. But if you disable the cabin the pantograph goes down. Is this normal behavior? Also, there is a control near exit door to the other cabin that is handled with reverser's key, it says "0" and "P". What is the purpose of this control?

Thank you.

EU07 Simulator English forum / New version MaSzyna 17.07 AWESOME!!
« dnia: 25 Lipca 2017, 11:56:28 »
I like so much this new version, very good job, congratulations. This game is better than commercial games.

I liked these details very much:

  • Scenarios load much faster.
  • Now you can touch the buttons.
  • When you leave the cabin, you are on the floor and in front of the door. You are a human, you are not flying, very realistic detail.
  • The night is fantastic.

There is only a small problem, at least in my computer, but I have been able to solve it. When you press Num 3 to move the brake lever, it takes a long time to start moving. This is because the keyboard type rate in my Operating System is set to 650 milliseconds. I've set it to 200 milliseconds and it works perfectly.

I use this game from a GNU/Linux system with Wine. Here is the small script I have to start the game:

xset r rate 200 # set keyboard type rate to 200 miliseconds
setxkbmap us    # set US keyboard, spanish keyboard doesn't works well
LC_ALL=pl_PL.ISO-8859-2 wine RAINSTED.exe # set polish locale and start RAINSTED
# set all things as they are
setxkbmap es
xset r rate

Me ha encantado esta nueva versión, lo habéis hecho muy bien, enhorabuena. Este juego es mejor que los juegos comerciales.

Me han gustado mucho estos detalles:

  • Los escenarios se cargan mucho más rápido.
  • Ahora puedes tocar los botones.
  • Cuando sales de la cabina, estás en el suelo y enfrente de la puerta. El juego simula que has salido por la puerta, muy buen detalle.
  • La noche es fantástica.

Tan sólo tiene un pequeño problema, al menos en mi ordenador, pero lo he podido solucionar. Cuando pulsas Num 3 para mover la palanca del freno, tarda mucho en empezar a moverse. Esto es porque en mi sistema operativo no se repiten pulsaciones de teclas hasta que no la sostienes durante 650 milisegundos. Lo he configurado a 200 milisegundos y ya funciona perfectamente.

Uso este juego desde un sistema GNU/Linux con Wine. Este es el pequeño script que tengo para iniciar el juego:

xset r rate 200 # set keyboard type rate to 200 miliseconds
setxkbmap us    # set US keyboard, spanish keyboard doesn't works well
LC_ALL=pl_PL.ISO-8859-2 wine RAINSTED.exe # set polish locale and start RAINSTED
# set all things as they are
setxkbmap es
xset r rate

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Electric brake in EP09 locomotive
« dnia: 06 Stycznia 2017, 23:55:54 »

Thanks a lot for this super fast responses.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Electric brake in EP09 locomotive
« dnia: 06 Stycznia 2017, 23:34:22 »
EP09 have electric brake. How does it work? Is it implemented in the game?

I know how to use electric brake in ET42, but EP09 doesn't work in the same way.

Thank you.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Signal We8a: pass without charging
« dnia: 06 Stycznia 2017, 18:49:12 »

Tkank you!!!

EU07 Foro de Simulador en español / Señal We8a: pasar sin cargar
« dnia: 06 Stycznia 2017, 18:43:20 »
¡Hola! Este va a ser mi segundo mensaje en el foro, hace un momento he escrito este en inglés:


Pero prefiero escribirlo en Castellano porque así me expresaré mejor. Espero que esta duplicidad no suponga un problema, si no, que los administradores quiten este mensaje si lo estiman oportuno.

Tengo una duda sobre la señal polaca de "pasar sin cargar". En España tenemos las 2 señales que he adjuntado, la primera significa "abrir el disyuntor" mientras que la segunda significa poner el regulador a cero al pasar por el seccionamiento de aire de la catenaria.

¿Que significa la primera señal en Polonia? ¿Abrir el disyuntor o poner el regulador a cero?

Muchas gracias.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Signal We8a: pass without charging
« dnia: 06 Stycznia 2017, 18:30:07 »
Hi! This is my first post in the forum. Congratulations for this great game. It's very realistic, i've enjoyed it many hours.

I have a doubt about the attached signal:

In Spain, we have the two attached signals, the first means open circuit breaker while the second means put power controler to zero when passing by the catenary-section. Have it same meaning in Poland? Put power controller to zero or open circuit breaker?

Thank you.

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