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Ta sekcja pozwala Ci zobaczyć wszystkie wiadomości wysłane przez tego użytkownika. Zwróć uwagę, że możesz widzieć tylko wiadomości wysłane w działach do których masz aktualnie dostęp.

Wiadomości - greg.89.hun

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Thanks! Typ V43 from Hungary.
A picture from "behind": pokeys + pic18f6622 with optocouplers. Pokeys the keyboard emulator and the output data gate, the PIC makes some logical calculations 'couse this Loko has got a little bit different principle of operation. For ex. the main controller.
And of course the inverter for the Teloc, wich I thanks so much again for the Collegue! :-)

First test. 🙂
We have got  a lot of work yet, but basically its working.

Im trying my Hasler to control to my pulpit but unfortunaltelly it doesn't work good. Maybe the problem that I try to control it with direct impulses trough the IGBT-bridge. It could be with PWM. I have program with PIC yet with I can convert the analog signal to PWM, but I can't build a 3 phase inverter gate for it. 
Could me help anybody wich type of inverter could I use to solve problem? For ex with a wiring diagram or wich type of IGBT/FET need for these project? Some homepage, trught wich I could understand the operation? Or just a simple low performance 3phase motor driver could I order from ebay?
Thank you so much forward to any help or idea.

It's working alredy thank you very much!

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