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"Can we get more information about that inverter, please? I'm still struggling to get it working properly."

I've bought that from topicmate miko22. I think look for him on the subject!

Thanks! Typ V43 from Hungary.
A picture from "behind": pokeys + pic18f6622 with optocouplers. Pokeys the keyboard emulator and the output data gate, the PIC makes some logical calculations 'couse this Loko has got a little bit different principle of operation. For ex. the main controller.
And of course the inverter for the Teloc, wich I thanks so much again for the Collegue! :-)

First test. 🙂
We have got  a lot of work yet, but basically its working.

Im trying my Hasler to control to my pulpit but unfortunaltelly it doesn't work good. Maybe the problem that I try to control it with direct impulses trough the IGBT-bridge. It could be with PWM. I have program with PIC yet with I can convert the analog signal to PWM, but I can't build a 3 phase inverter gate for it. 
Could me help anybody wich type of inverter could I use to solve problem? For ex with a wiring diagram or wich type of IGBT/FET need for these project? Some homepage, trught wich I could understand the operation? Or just a simple low performance 3phase motor driver could I order from ebay?
Thank you so much forward to any help or idea.

It's working alredy thank you very much!

Hello Everybody!
I need a little help. Why rotate to the left countinously the driver view when I connect the Pokeys to the simulator? Has anybody meet with this problem alredy?
And wich version is the most stable for this project at the moment?
Current version what I try to use:   Rainsted (eu07.exe) + Pokeys57U v4.4.5
The Pokeys configuration program is closed when the simulator runs.
Thanks forward and have a nice day! greg

Cześć, Hello!
I've got just a simple question. Is this circuit workable? I'd like to build a hungarian train safe system to my pulpit, similar yours CH and SHP, but a little bit its different.
Up 15km/h it count until 1550m and call a "wake up sound". If you don't react for the next 150m it will stop the train. If you dont push the pedal countinously up to 15km/h, after 50m it will call and in the next 150m when you dont push down button again and hold down it will stop you. That's simple, but i would like to make the emergency brake (Num0) on Pin for ex. 55 on Pokeys as input. I need a PIC to count and make analogue conversion from pin 43A I think. But couse of different electric confusion I would like to apply galvanic isolate. Program on the PIC is workable yet.
Thanks forward! Have a nice day!

Hy! I tried to read the posts, but Ive got a little problem with language, so I've got a question, sorry for that if it's backup.
1. There were any updates what modified the connection with Pokeys in the simulator?
The last time everthing was correct but yesterday the outputs, the amper and airpressure measurements broke down, and the analog inputs of the brakes are inaccurate after an actualization of the symulator.
I dont know why, maybe some short circuit, but I didnt modify anything.
Before I disassembe or recalibrate my device I just try to find the reason.

2. I think too - if I understood correctly - the final solution is the galvanic isolation. With inputs I havent got problems, but the inductanse of the measurments are confuse everthing else I think. In the next step I will isolate every measurements and LEDlamps from the Pokeys just for the safety with optocouplers. I havent got more idea.

"a mam kontroler PoKeys 56U, który nie ma wyjścia analogowego na pinie 43."

That was the problem for me too.
I think the best and the most simple way change the interface to Pokeys57U. That has analog out.

Yeah I've got it; I didn't find the settings of the PWM values in the Pokeys program.
Now it's working.
Thank you both!

I need a little help. I try to calibrate the airpressure manometers.
How can I find the PWM periods to fill the calibrate-table?
And I have got a special pointing device. The mechanism is working, but I think I need the inverse of the curve to take right value 'couse of the opposite gears.
Is it right?
Thanks forward! Have a nice day!

(((((P.S: Have got anybody a Pokeys55 device for sale? Just a silent question...))))))

Under construction. :)
Greetings from Hungary!

Thank you it works. :-)

Hy! My good friend from Poland helped me to translate my problem, if somebody could a soltuion or know where is the mistake please write an answer even in polish, I can use g.trans. :)
Thanks in advance have a nice evening!


Witam! Mam pewien problem podczas konstruowania. Mam nadzieję, że ktoś będzie w stanie mi pomóc... Wszystko jest w porządku z pokeys, widzę, że PINy na panelu symulatora przełącza się „I” i „O”, ale w symulatorze czasami nie jest to tak, jak powinno – nie działa w odpowiedni sposób. Dla przykładu: włączam kompresor (pozycja ON), słyszę dźwięk włączania, ale nic się nie dzieje...
I taki jest problem z wyłączaniem (OFF).
Czasami działa, czasami nie. Wydaje mi się, że obieg jest w porządku. Czy jest jeszcze jakiś potrzebny element pomiędzy włącznikiem a pokeys?

Thank you and sorry for constatnly asking but I cant understand everything here.
Good luck with your projects!!

Hello! Sorry for English, but this is the best topic I think and here is many people who interested in this theme.
Know anybody any solution or is there any project under construction by "pulpitbuilders" at home for the problem with Pokesys55 and 56U and the "analog speed output"? Or everybody has got lvl55? :)
I've been asked only interested.
Thanks for replies!

Istnieje rozwiązanie wyjścia analogowego pokeys56U pomocy?
(google trans, sorry)

Na warsztacie / Odp: Patch MaSzyna_05.14
« dnia: 05 Lipca 2014, 20:49:07 »
"Rozumiem, dziękuję bardzo."

Na warsztacie / Odp: Patch MaSzyna_05.14
« dnia: 05 Lipca 2014, 19:34:24 »
08.03. Patch05.14. linia_61
With newest patch when I drive near the allowed speed the main circuit switch off and the pantograph goes down and thats all, I cannot operate back. What would the problem?
Thanks forward and sorry for english in this topic...
Google trans (?)

Blisko dozwolona prędkość maszyny jest wyłączony. Zejdź do pantografu i to jest to. Nie wiem dlaczego? Tack!

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Subtitles for MaSzyna sounds
« dnia: 22 Maja 2014, 15:37:01 »
Hungarian subs.  I tried to translate with railway jargon.
I dont know why, the text does not appear in simulator. (?)
But if its work, the translation I think is understandable for hungarian people.

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