Polska wersja

The Licensing Agreement

The ONLY valid licence is the one in the Polish language! Due to the amateur nature of this translation, this is only ment to give people a general idea, and may contain significant errors.

This Licence applies to the "Symulator Pojazdów Szynowych MaSzyna" also referred to in English as "Railway Vehicle Simulator", "MaSzyna" or "MaSzyna Railway Vehicle Simulator", furthermore referred to as "the Simulator". This licence is an agreement between the Authors of The Simulator, and the Licensee, who is a physical and/or legal entity.

  1. The Licensee may copy or distribute the Simulator, through any media, unmodified copies of the Simulator, only if they agree to provide every copy with the correct Copyright information, and that they will retain, in full, all notices about the Licencing and the fact that absolutely no guarantee is being given. If the copying or distribution is paid, even if the cost is just to cover the expenses (and yields no profit whatsoever), it requires the explicit agreement of the Main Authors of The Simulator.
  2. The Licensee may modify the copies of the Simulator, and any parts of it (single computer file, or a group of files), thus creating a Product based on the Simulator, as well as copying and/or distributing of it, provided the rule number 1 is kept, as long as:
    • The Licensee must place, on the modified file(s), a clear information that they ware modified by him, along with the date of the modification. If possible, they should also provide information about the original author, whose work he modified.
    • The Licencee must make sure that every "Product" redistributed and/or modified by him/her, which contains The Simulator in full, or only component(s) of The Simulator, that It ("Your Product") would be available free of charge for all third parties, under the provision of this Licence.
  3. Copying, redistributing, or the use of original, or modified (as per point no. 2) parts of The Simulator, especially textures, sounds and binary blobs, outside of The Simulator, requires the explicit consent of the original author of the corresponding part.
  4. In every case of modifications, or the redistribution of The Simulator by the Licencee, the third person(s) automatically receives the licence to copy, redistribute and modify The Simulator, from The Authors Of The Simulator, as long as their activities follow this Licence.
  5. Because The Simulator is Free Of Charge, it does not guarantee that it will function correctly. The Authors provide it in the "As Is" state, without any guarantees. The Authors can not be held accountable for any damages caused.
  6. The Governing Law for this Licence is the Law of Polish Republic. All disputes, which can not be resolved Out Of Court, will be settled in a Court right for The Author(s) Of The Simulator.
  7. By running, modifying, copying or redistributing The Simulator, or part of It, you agree to (respect) this licence.