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Frequently Asked Questions

    Lets begin with the least pleasant stuff:
  1. I've downloaded the simulator but I don't know how to install it?
    A: The program is in its development stage and I don't have time to play around with the proper installation utilities. To install the program all you need to do is to extract the files into any desired folder, then execute EU07.exe. The program does not modify any of the Windows registries.
    File log.txt is created every time the program is executed.
    Also, files *.DAT will be created with every program execution, but only created when the simulator physics logging is enabled in the eu07.ini file.
  2. How do I install an update? It doesn't work!
    A: After extracting files from update*.zip you need to copy them into your already existing program folder.
    When doing so, overwrite the older versions of files with the new ones.
    For better clarification of matter refer to the example of EU07-030402 folder structure below:
    Files DirTree
  3. The simulator keeps crashing!
    Make sure that you've got the right drivers for the OpenGL card. The ones from Microsoft have some faults in them.
    The simulator also requires a soundcard as well as DirectX version 7.0 or higher.
    Computers with 64Mb of ram or lower have troubles running the simulator.
  4. The simulator still keeps crashing!
    A: In this case we would like you to send us an email along with the log.txt file attached to it. This is a file in which the computer tracks all the loading procedures and later during the game all of the scenery events that take place. When the file is truncated at the point where it says load whatever and there is no OK it means that an error has occurred at this particular point. This could mean either that the scenery has errors in it or that the required files do not exist. The program is in the development stage and it is not idiot proof..
  5. The simulator crashes sometime after it has been executed!
    A: See the points above. You can enable the logging of physical parameters in the file eu07.ini every locomotive will dump its parameters to nameofloco.dat file, which you can attach along with the email explaining the problem.
    This will help in debugging the program.
  6. The simulator runs very slowly :-(
    A: On a PII-233MHz with a RivaTNT card you can barely run the simulator.
    It is a bit fussy when it comes to some of the graphics cards as well as their drivers.
    If any of the OpenGL functions are not supported by the hardware (for example fog), the performance rate will be decreased severely.
  7. Can you change the graphics parameters?
    A: You can change the resolution as well as the color depth.
    You can also turn off the fog effect directly in the scenery file:fog -1 -1
    In addition you can optimize the scenery by defining the maximum distance at which the particular object will be visible.
    Later, optimization will eliminate all triangles vertices with the same vertices coordinates.
  8. The simulator is running but I can't get the locomotive to go!
    A: It is best if you read the locomotive driving manual. A detailed one is located here (but in polish language only).
    The simulator for now is a simplified version of the original EU07 locomotive.
    Note that keys are case sensitive!
  9. I got it to go but after awhile it stopped in its tracks and I can't go :-(
    A: Once again I recommend reading the driving manual for the EU07:-)
    Most likely the cause of this situation is when the main engine protection breaker is engaged. This happens when you draw too much current.
    The other explanation is that the locomotive itself got damaged. The damage report will be compiled soon.
  10. Why is it that after stopping the locomotive it does not want to go even if the main control wheel is set in position 1 as it should be?
    A: Quite possibly the trains brakes did not release completely.
    You can move the brake control into the quick air refill position -1 so that the air pressure builds up in the main brake lines in order to speed up the process.
    Caution - The last cars of a very long train may not release the brakes. If this happens driving with locked up wheels may cause damages!
  11. Why is it that sometimes the tracks are suspended in air?
    A: Because there is no texture made for yet.
  12. Why is it that in a distance I can see a light of a signal that is facing away from me?
    A: There is a lack of the cone light source definition. For now you can turn the fog on to remedy the problem ;-)
  13. Is there a route editor?
    A: There is not an editor created strictly for this simulator. However, there are scripts for 3Dstudio Max that help create the scenery as well as export objects to *.scn and *.t3d format.
  14. Will there ever be any new locomotives?
    A: In the future yes. As for now there is only an accurately defined model of a direct current electric locomotive.
  15. Is this freeware software?
    A: Yes.


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