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EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Freight wagon brake issue
« dnia: 19 Grudnia 2020, 18:13:16 »
How long do you keep the main brake lever on a -1 position (Num .) during the unbraking process? Do you keep it in that position when the train is running?
I try to avoid overcharging the brakes so I don't keep them in -1 position for longer periods of time.
Sometimes I leave the brake on the -1 position while driving and this doesn't cause problems with passenger coaches, but I try to avoid that with freight wagons.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Freight wagon brake issue
« dnia: 13 Grudnia 2020, 18:18:15 »
Hello everyone!

I have returned to playing MaSzyna and it's becoming better and better with every release.
However, there is an issue I've had in multiple versions of the game now, however I couldn't find a solution.
The problem is that, on most freight missions, the freight wagons don't release the brake or something like that so the train can't really move at all.
I've read through the manual if I'm doing something wrong, however I can't seem to figure out the issue.
Interestingly enough, the problem doesn't occur every time and some freight missions never had this problem for me.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Na warsztacie / Odp: Całkowo v2.0 - wersja beta do testów
« dnia: 13 Grudnia 2020, 15:20:34 »
This route is becoming better and better, but I have a couple of problems:
1. How can I access the repository? No matter what username and password I enter, it doesn't let me in.
2. On several freight missions, I can't seem to release the brakes on the freight wagons so my train is stuck. This also happens on other routes but less frequently.
Other than these two issues I have, this route is quite nice and I like it.

Na warsztacie / Odp: Całkowo v2.0 - wersja beta do testów
« dnia: 19 Sierpnia 2020, 22:19:33 »
In most (if not all) freight missions, the brakes do not release on the wagons no matter what. Does anyone know how to fully release the brakes not just on the locomotives but also the wagons?
It's starting to irritate me that I can't play the freight missions properly.

Na warsztacie / Odp: Całkowo v2.0 - wersja beta do testów
« dnia: 17 Kwietnia 2020, 17:14:02 »
I can't download the additional wagons 445W_v2 and 425Wa CTL Logistics because the website says they don't exist or I don't have access to them.

Na warsztacie / Odp: Całkowo v2.0 - wersja beta do testów
« dnia: 05 Lutego 2020, 17:44:53 »
I know. However, I thought the conversion would only take a few days to make the adjustments so that's why I'm getting impatient.
Don't worry, I'm not trying to rush Siecool. I'm just here to say that I'm interested in a new version of this great route.

Na warsztacie / Odp: Całkowo v2.0 - wersja beta do testów
« dnia: 04 Lutego 2020, 20:07:35 »
I know, I read it and translated it. I'm just becoming more and more impatient as I've been waiting for a new release of Całkowo v2 since the release of MaSzyna 19.08!

Na warsztacie / Odp: Całkowo v2.0 - wersja beta do testów
« dnia: 01 Lutego 2020, 22:12:33 »
I hope the updated version will be released in a couple of days. Całkowo v2 is getting more and more broken so it's about time to update it.

Na warsztacie / Odp: Całkowo v2.0 - wersja beta do testów
« dnia: 11 Października 2019, 18:29:59 »
I'm updating the scenery currently, but there is still some work to be done. Unfortunately time is the biggest constraint in the process. However to ease a bit the waiting time I can tell that I've added some more freight missions ;)

Nice! Although you can consider adding more passenger train missions if you don't mind.

Na warsztacie / Odp: Całkowo v2.0 - wersja beta do testów
« dnia: 09 Października 2019, 18:42:12 »
Piotrze nie tu jest problem. Koledze pewnie chodzi o braki w taborze, bo przecież na scenerii użyte są wagony usunięte w wersji 19.08.

EN: It's some problems on 19.08 with the lack of rolling stock. In the 19.08 version, old and ugly models of rail carriages were removed, but they are still used on this map. You have two options:
1. Wait for offcial correction from the author of scenery.
2. Try to use option "correct vehicles" (popraw pojazdy). With this option you can replace missing carriages with others. The cars will be white or pink (they won't have a texture). But you can still drive, only eyes can sometimes be hurt by looking at wagons without texture. :P

My original question was about the first option. I wanted to know when does the author want to officially correct the map.
I know about the "correct vehicles" option, that's what I'm using for now.

Na warsztacie / Odp: Całkowo v2.0 - wersja beta do testów
« dnia: 08 Października 2019, 20:35:45 »
When will this map be updated to fully work with 19.08?
The current version has a few minor issues when it's used on 19.08.
Otherwise, great map. It's a great extension of Calkowo with lots of freight missions!

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Steam vs Regular Version
« dnia: 01 Września 2019, 13:05:59 »
Steam version is not yet published, this is work in progress.
It won't have any notable differences.

Oh, I didn't notice you can't download it on Steam yet. I just noticed that the page is up.
Anyway, thanks for the quick reply.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Steam vs Regular Version
« dnia: 01 Września 2019, 12:22:22 »

I've recently found out that MaSzyna is also available on Steam. However, I don't know if there are any differences between the regular and the Steam versions.
I hope that someone can tell if there are any differences and if there are, what are they and are they notable?


Calkowo v2 now is unoficial asets. You can replace mising vechicles by rainsted.

I have already replaced the missing vehicles. I hope Calkowo v2 will be soon updated to fully work with 19.08.

Those were only ones and were fixed few days after release. Both vehicles were removed but were missed from those sceneries while replacing for other ones.
Download and override files from those revisions:

Thanks for the quick reply.
The only problem I have now is that most scenarios of Calkowo v2 (seperate download) are also missing the 424Z wagon, although it hasn't been updated to work with 19.08 yet.
Other than that, thanks once again for the helpful reply.

I'm rather new to this game but thankfully I got used to it well enough and I like it very much.
However, I have found a problem in version 19.08:
some included scenarios have missing train models

For example, l053-cargo-2261 is missing PKP\424Z_V1\424Z and l053-day-tlk83202 is missing PKP\1XXA_V1\G77 but there may be a few more I haven't noticed.
Why are these included scenarios missing required train models?

Hopefully, there will be a solution to this problem other than replacing the missing vehicles with other ones.
Otherwise, this is a great simulator with a lot of potential and I enjoy playing with it.

Domi2005, an amateur

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