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Debugmode – Test mode, allows for more accurate testing. At the top of the screen (red text) the driven vehicle parameters are shown. In this mode, all failures are disabled (ie. derailing), CA / DSD (Driver Safety Device, not acknowledging "SHP") does not cause emergency braking. In the logfile, extra information about train movements and activated events is saved, this is to help with the debugging of the scenarios. In debugmode, opposite to the normal mode, certain keys have the following functions:

Turning on the AI (Shift + q) does not lock the keyboard. Also, the inside cab boundaries are gone.
Catenary wire color coding:

  • Blue / Yellow – Fed from single side (depends on the direction)
  • Green – Bidirectional feeding
  • Red – Sections connected to other isolated sections, or section fed from single side
  • White – Connected directly to the power source (Transformator)
  • Black – No power

  • This mode should normally NOT be used in the simulator.

    Author: youBy.
    Small changes: libertyn89, Maciej, Stele, kolejarz2009
    Translation: kolejarz2009