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ET42 train heating bug
« dnia: 05 Września 2022, 20:11:01 »
Hello again :)

I have been playing with some unusual trainsets and I as saw real life video where ET42 was pulling damaged EP09 + passanger wagons I decided to create passanger train hauled by ET42. So I made trainset ET42 + Bipa. However I noticed strange thing happening there.

When I raised rear pantograph, everything was working as expected. Current via heating cable was flowing only after I switched on heating. However when I raised front pantograph or both, current was flowing into passanger wagons regardless of heating switch position.

I am attaching video with demo of this behaviour. I also tried different passanger wagons like those ones on Wrzosy PXE mission where I replaced EU07 with ET42 and firstly spotted this issue, so it is not wagon specific

P.S. I am having simulator in Polish, however as I am Czech user I rather keep using EN, so nothing is lost in translation :)
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