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FAQ - English translation
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In this post, is translation of frequently asked questions from Polish manual. If you will note some mistakes or if you think, that some translations are wrong, please, send me PW.
Note: This manual is written for English version of Rainsted. For changing to English version for Polish version, in Ustawienia card in Wybór języka bar, choose en - English option.

When loading simulation, start screen goes white and in Task Manager is written No Respond. What shall I do?
Wait. Loading can take few minutes.

How to drive a locomotive?

After some time driving, red control light goes on, something starts to buzz, train stops and I cannot release brakes. What I am doing wrong?
It is caused by Czuwak Aktywny - CA or SHP vigilance devices. After red light turns on, you need to confirm vigilance by [Space] key.

Are available any different views than cab view in simulator?
Pressing key [F4] you can enter external view. You can move with arrows, movement can be accelerated by holding [Shift], [Ctrl], or combination [Shift] + [Ctrl]. For moving up and down, use [Page Up] a [Page Down].

How to couple/decouple locomotive with train?

How to turn on radio?
Radio is available just in some scenarios. In most of them, it is turned on automatically, if not, use combination of keys given in scenario description.

How to enlarge window with simulator? 800x600 is too small.
In Rainsted program, in Settings card, choose preferred resolution. You can also mark Full Screen Mode option.

How to change position of switch? I have read, with keys [Shift] + [t]/[t], but it does not work.
In most of cases, it is not need to do it manually. It is done automatically. If we must manually (only on sceneries Manewrowo 3 and Elektrociepłowna Dobre), we choose the external view [F4], approach the switch and by [Shift] + [t] or [t] change its position.

How to turn on batteries?
It can be turned on by pressing [Shift] + [j]. After turning on batteries, SHP turns on. We must „silence” it by setting reverser away from neutral [Space].

How to change trainset in scenario?
After choosing scenario in Rainsted program, in Trainsets card click on preferred train in table. Than in the same table, click on Vehicles available for trainset editing card. Next, choose some vehicle and drag it into the scheme of train.

How to make night in scenario?
First, we need to set Rainsted into more advanced user mod. In Settings card set in User mode bar normal - for advanced users option. Table Weather for temporary scenery file ($.scn) should appear. In left window in this table set some of dusk005, dusk013, dusk030, night, night001 options.

How to set light beams, to shine on rails?
First, you need to make night in scenario (see above). After switching lights on, you will see light beams. You will not see them in external view.

How to turn on gauge lighting?
By pressing combination of key [Shift] + [;].

How to turn on fan in cabin, open window or door?
This is possible only on some locomotives, try combinations [Shift] + [[] or [Shift] + []].

After attempt to open windows or door, locomotive stats to make strange fast movements. How to prevent it?
In Rainsted program, in Settings card uncheck Debugmode option.

Vigilance devices do not work properly. In upper part of screen are some red letters. What to do?
In Rainsted program, in Settings card uncheck Debugmode option.

After some time of playing stops work [y] key or [/]. What to do?
Press [Ctrl] + [Shift]. In future, you can prevent it by setting shortcuts for change keyboard language off.

Simulation is lagging, I have low FPS. What to do?
In Rainsted program, in Settings card uncheck options Writing log.txt and Writing vehicle parameters. You can also try to change settings of drivers or graphic card.

After doing what is described above, I have still very low FPS in order of units. What to do?
This simulation occurs often in l053-sluzba-brutto-posp scenario. You can try use siren [a] or [Shift] + [a]. If you have weaker graphic card (especially integrated), do not count with high FPS.

How I can display tachograph from passed scenario in MaSzyna?
In Rainsted program, in Settings card check option Writing vehicle parameters. After finishing scenario, in main folder of MaSzyna, should be [name of vehicle].dat file. For opening this file, use htv.exe program in programy_na_potrzeby_symulatora\ odczyt_tasm_z_predkosciomierza folder.

How to install addons?
In case of addons with .rar, .zip and .7z extension, we must unpack them into appropriate folder. If we have in pack folder named for example scenery, we will unpack it into scenery folder in main MaSzyna folder.
If we have downloaded addon with .r_i extension, we use Rainsted program for installation. Click on .r_i file, push and drag it on Rainsted icon. Confirm installation by click on Instaluj paczkę button. Than in Vehicles installed card click on Check installed vehicles.
Note: Addons published before 3. 6. 2013 which are not part of 8.13 version, can have problems with compatibility.

I have installed new vehicle, but I do not see it in any scenario.
New vehicles will not appear in scenarios by itself. We need to set them to driving. How? See „How to change trainset in scenario?”.

I have set trainset with Traxx locomotive, following „How to change trainset in scenario?”, but I do not see it in starter.
This locomotive can be driven only by computer. Locomotives without cabin are invisible in starter.

Will be done cabin for Traxx, EuroSprinter…?
There will be no cabins for locomotives with different than resistor power regulation. For including impulse regulation, is much information missing. For example traction characteristics, blueprints, etc…

I have laptop without numeric keypad. How I should control simulator?
Keyboard should have [Fn] key. Use combination [Fn] + requested key. If you have problem with using [Fn], you can buy additive USB numeric keypad.

Does MaSzyna work on  Linux an Mac operational systems?
Yes. Simulator can be launched in emulator of Windows (e.g. Wine).

How to turn on lamps on stations at night?
This kind of lamps is only on Linia 053, Bałtyk, Quark and Linia 61 sceneries. Open appropriate file .scn file in Notepad and change:
include linia61/l61_lampy.scm endto:
include linia61/l61_lampy_noc.scm endSave file and restart Rainsted.

Are possible accidents or railroad disasters in simulator?

I have turned on autopilot, but it does not work.
Autopilot works only in some scenarios.

Can I manually change signals on semaphores?
No, MaSzyna is simulator of rail vehicles, not dispatcher. (It is particularly possible by setting manual control for events, which are causing change of signal, like it is in td scenery).

How to do screenshot?
Press [Print Screen]. Than paste picture in Paint and save in proper format, best PNG or JPG/JPEG.

On YouTube, I have seen video with xxx (locomotive/car/scenery…) in MaSzyna. But I cannot to find it neither in Download section nor in Publikacje topic on forum. Where I can download it?
Videos on YouTube or screenshots on Facebook often presents addons, in phase of development or testing. As soon as they will be published, they will appear on proper pages.

In program Rainsted is button Multiplayer. How to launch it?
Presently, it does not work. It is on early phase of testing.

It is impossible to release brakes on carriages.
This phenomenon is called brake overload and it takes place when quick brake release is used for too long time. Set full brake [Num 5], enter external view [F4] and near each carriage press [Num 6]. For next time, do not hold brake lever in quick brake release position so long, especially when trainset contains carriages Bdhpumn, WLABd or Z1. In case of long freight trains, set lever back to running position, as soon as pressure in main brake pipe reach 5,4 bar.

Brake lever, after pressing [Num .] or [Num 9], immediately returns to running position in EMUs.
That is correct behaviour of lever. So it is also in real.

There is no Run simulator button in Informacje startowe window.
In Settings card set in User mode bar normal - for advanced users option. Then unmark Control description option and try again.

After enter to cabin, I am too far from controller. What to do?
After loading cabin, we are in place, like would enter the cabin through door. We can sit down by right mouse button.

I'm pressing [Shift] + [m], but main circuit is still off.
You need the keys keep pressed for a while. If main circuit is still off, check, if pantographs are up and there is voltage on voltmeter or if some fuse was not activated.

I am pressing [Shift] + [c] but compressor does not start.
Check, if main circuit is on and pressure in main reservoir is enough low.

I want to turn simulation off, so I press [F10] and then [y], but nothing happens.
You have probably changed keyboard language. Press [Ctrl] + [Shift]. In future, you can prevent it by setting shortcuts for change keyboard language off.

I have set EMU in scenario, but it is unable to move.
In Rainsted program, you must set occupation Nobody in compartments, where is not driver. You also must set control cables and yellow brake pipe between each compartment.

I have set EMU in scenario, but after loading will start only its middle compartment.
See above.

Is it possible to save simulation before exit?

How to pause simulation? I am pressing [Esc], but it does not work.
Press [Pause].

When will be published new version, new addons?
We are enthusiast, who are dividing our time between family, work or studium and in free time doing something for MaSzyna. Therefore question: „When will be new locomotive/scenery/version?” cannot be answered with 100% certainty. We are opened for new people and their ideas. If you want help with development of MaSzyna, we will be glad to welcome you between us. For example, you can help modellers with photos of buildings, infrastructure etc., to make sceneries look more realistic. More information here:,17369.0.html (Polish).
Physics of simulation is also developing. If you have information, blueprints, schemes, you can write about them on forum.

After launching compressor everything turns of in locomotive. How to avoid it?
Compressor was launched too early after launching converters and compressor fuses were activated. For resetting them, press [Shift] + [n].

I cannot fill main brake pipe after using emergency brake.
On many locomotives, brake filling is blocked after using emergency brake. For releasing brakes, put the brake lever into running or quick brake release position and keep pressed [Num 6] until pressure will reach 4 bar.

Sometime after brake releasing, a small pressure occurs on brake cylinders.
In some situations it can happen. Release brakes by [Num 6].

Česká verze návodu/Czech version of manual:

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