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« dnia: 20 Października 2004, 11:24:43 »
Hello railroadfans!
  Could anybody note down nicknames of polish locos(especially of those available in The Simulator)?


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« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: 20 Października 2004, 11:37:26 »
English translation (I made this, it's unofficial - for your information only) of these nicknames in brackets ( )

EU07/EP07 - siódemka (seven)
EU06 - anglik (Englishman)
ET22 - byk (bull)
ST44 - Gagarin (like Russian astronaut)
SN61 - Ganz (name of factory which made engines for SN61)
EN57 - kibel, jednostka (toilet, unit)
EP09 - dziewiątka, epoka (nine, epoch)
SU46 - suka (bitch :) )
SU45 - fiat (Fiat)
SM42 - stonka, wibrator (vibrator)
ET21 - sputnik (like Russian satellite)
EP05 - czech (Czech)
ET40 - bombowiec (bomber)
ET41 - jamnik (dachshund)
ET42 - rusek (Russian)
ST43 - rumun (Romanian)
SM48 - tamara (Tamara - Russian name)
ED72 - edek (Edek - Polish male name)
Pozdrawiam z Gdyni Wielkiego Kacka,

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« Odpowiedź #2 dnia: 20 Października 2004, 20:47:26 »
Cytat: "Bartek_G"
SU46 - suka (bitch :) )



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« Odpowiedź #3 dnia: 21 Października 2004, 09:26:23 »
Just a little override, so you don't get stuck with some translations:
I'll correct Bart, he's made some crucial (in my opinion) mistakes.

EU06 - anglik (Englishman)

I'd rather have this one as "an English", Polish language does not recognize target for adjectives, so both eglish-man, and english-loco (as well as anything "english") could be called "anglik", as long as it is personification for an object.

EN57 - kibel, jednostka (toilet, unit)

kibel stands more for closet than toilet. This one is based on problems due to low number of closets in the train (just 2 for 216 seats), and short time of cleaning of these units (they're going all day long on suburban routes usually, so closets are usually pretty dirty, and sometimes even unusable). Jednostka (unit) comes from semiofficial nickname of EN57, translating: tricar electric unit.

EP09 - dziewiątka, epoka (nine, epoch)

Both self explanatory, only to add more epoch started with EPoch writing :)

SU46 - suka (bitch :) )

No no no. first, start with SUka in mind. Second, suka stands for female-dog first, for pejorative name of the girl second, with bitch (which is actually way more pejorative than polish suka, for its second meaning above) coming third. So I think Bart exaggerated here.

Rest is pretty much what it's called. Bear in mind most names are either from what is their name (in terms of symbolic, ED goes to edek etc, or country/producer.