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« dnia: 05 Lipca 2005, 15:15:11 »

I downloaded the MaSzyna 2005/7/2 version from the polish site. It says, it's the "Wersja: 22.02.04".

My questions are:
1. if it's the 22.02.04 version, why are you publishing it now?
2, if it has new features (which I don't know), why are you updating an older version and not the Patch 220604 or a newer patch?
3. the zip file will unzip into the folder "eu07-220703" (!).

So it's totally confusing. If I install it, I get a really old version, why should one use it?


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« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: 06 Lipca 2005, 08:59:05 »
It's the old version from July 2004. When you edit anything in download items' description, script on the Webpage always adds this "Update" or "Aktualizacja" icon which may be misleading.

The date of download items is set automatically. If there is nothing about new version downbload item's description, then description or file link has been changed. Watch also info about file version if you are confused.

The main "MaSzyna" file has been updated because there was a warning about broken link. This information has been recently edited and that's why there is a "Aktualizacja" icon.
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« Odpowiedź #2 dnia: 06 Lipca 2005, 11:41:58 »
Thanks Bartek. So there is nothing new about it.