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"External exeption EEFFACE" error in Rainsted
« dnia: 01 Sierpnia 2014, 19:02:19 »
when I'm opening "Scenery preview" in Rainsted (same way as is described in manual from EventGenerator), I'll get "External exeption EEFFACE" error. The same happens, when I choose "Read all includes without parameters" option and also when exporting scenery into RSF. Only sceneries td, Manewrowo and Zwierzinec can be loaded.

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Odp: "External exeption EEFFACE" error in Rainsted
« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: 01 Sierpnia 2014, 19:25:10 »
Remove all unnecessary includes from scn file. Load just tracks, semaphores and traction. If everything is in one file, then you have to use program by @Szczawik that split scm files thematically. Excel macros by @Mariusz also have that option. Usually it makes a trick. Sometimes also few tracks have bad geometry and then after loading includes you can see them on errors list above as "line xxx; control vectors too close to one another". Ra said today that in this case you should split this track into two, but i don't know how to manualy recalculate control vectors of Bezier's curve after it. If it's nothing important, like some side tracks at the end of the map, setting control vectors to 0 also should work.
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