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« dnia: 12 Grudnia 2004, 13:23:18 »
First of all, thanks a lot for giving us a such a realistic electric loco sim.
I would like to see some improvements in next release (or in nebula)

1.sounds when train/loco moves over rail switch/points.
2.Hasler clock-useless at low resolutions-Can we expect a clock when we  press F1 key?
3.Ability to make consists containing 100+ wagons
4.unofficial version's F4 key function is great!Can we expect a similar key
for changing tracks?
5.also,the first application of brake is itself heavy with BC pressure going above 0.2pa-Can we alter this by editing *.chk file?
6.non-polish users like me want a program in english to build routes-please.


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Re: Improvements
« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: 12 Grudnia 2004, 14:43:49 »
Cytat: "Ashwanth"
3.Ability to make consists containing 100+ wagons

I'm afraid that it won't be able to do. It's a result of using UIC coupler. Besides in Poland I haven't seen any train with more than 43 cars.
Maby if LHS cars will be made with automatic couplers making longer train will be possible.
PS. With a small edition of scenery You can do longer train but I suggest You to run it in debugmode :) But it will be unreal...
Pozdrawiam, dr inż. Quark-t