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Ta sekcja pozwala Ci zobaczyć wszystkie wiadomości wysłane przez tego użytkownika. Zwróć uwagę, że możesz widzieć tylko wiadomości wysłane w działach do których masz aktualnie dostęp.

Wiadomości - LocomotivBL80

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Thanks for the remark :)

Impressive image quality and resolution. It's a pity that in Russia they do not fit :)

Somebody will answer me? :)

Very important parametre of popularity of a railway simulator is the editor of paths. What principles will underlie new editor EU07-SPT? How there will be a packing of tracks? There will be a possibility to create a real relief by means of topological cards NASA in a format «*.hgt»? Whether integration of the new editor with program Google Earth is possible?

It is necessary to make interesting feature of a new simulator possibility of creation of scripts for world objects. As a result we have an opportunity completely to recover world around. To recover servers, devices of shipment and outswapping of cars, locomotive depots and many other things.

ShaXbee, what you think of Russian sentences/wishes? What was concretely the help is necessary?

Simulator kernel:

1. Sharing of controls of a cabin from physical parametres which they influence. Link should be carried out through a script. It will be universal. It will be possible to realise any checks, systems of safety, locking of controls. A script it is possible to realise the circuit of start-up of any electric locomotive.

2. The description of logic of operation of circuits of each locomotive is a task of the developer of this locomotive. And it should be taken out in scripts. There is no sense to realise the given functions in a code of a kernel of a simulator.

3. Cabin controls is one "coast". Parametres which these units should control are other "coast". But for each locomotive the bridge between two coast will be individual, and to build it the developer of the locomotive should.

4. Please, pay attention on «Kuju Rail Simulator». In the given game the utility for consciousness of configuration files of locomotives, cars, objects is perfectly created. It is necessary to fill certain fields in the program. Then the program creates independently configuration file of the locomotive, the car, the object. The file will be created in a necessary format (*.xml or *.chk).

5. In a configuration file of the locomotive all controls of the cabin, each crandle and each toggle-switch are described. Then in a script the developer describes operation of each button and a crandle.

6. It is not necessary to invent a "bicycle". It is necessary to take the most rational ideas from existing simulators. Who from users will not reproach developers with it.

7. It is necessary rich with functions API for scripts. In a script the developer himself will describe, when pantograph animation should switch on, switch on animation of brake system, switch on feed sand.

8. Implementation of block creation of additions is necessary. It is necessary to create once a control or the block of system of safety. Further to add ready identical instruments in different locomotives. The given option very much will accelerate creation of new locomotives. Similarly it is necessary to arrive and with rolling stock sounds.

9. It is necessary to realise the temperature monitoring system. An overheat of traction engines, an oil overheat in the compressor, an overheat of the diesel engine, excess of pressure of oil. It is necessary to realise possibility to inspect expenditure of the electric power and diesel fuel.

Removed Polish translation / BARTEK

Publish proposals / suggestions of Russian developers for EU07-SPT.

The dynamics of rolling stock:

1. A player should not be «God».

2. The ability to break a train in strong shocks and excess weight.

3. The ability to squeeze out of the curve, as a result of getting crushed cars.

4. Realization of the dynamics of the train. Stretching and compressing the composition. When you leave the train brakes, it is necessary to hold locomotive brake. Otherwise, as a result of uneven leave the brakes on the length of trains, cars hit in the tail engine. As a result, perhaps the train wreck.

5. If too long and heavy braking, the brake pads should be heated, as a result of reducing the braking force. When too much power brake, brake pads have to shim wheel pair. With further increase of force and the braking time, brake pads should be destroyed as a result of the collapse of get the cars.

6. The ability to burn down the contact wire, while a large load at startup engine.

7. Compressed air should not be infinite. If properly applied the train brakes, brake pipe spends all the air. The compressor is not able to produce enough air. As a result of natural leakage of air through cracks in the brake line, the amount of compressed air is constantly decreasing. When the train, the train brakes need to be shut down. Otherwise, the brake pipe will remain without air, train starts motion without brakes.

8. Implementation of the springs.

9. Realization of the electric and regenerative braking.

10. Wobble, bouncing, galopirovanie, wiggle wagons and locomotive. Interaction between the locomotive and wagons with irregularities and rail joints canvases.

11. Tilt vehicles when passing through curves.

I look forward to further cooperation and understanding! Thank you for your excellent work.

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Now everything is clear. Thank you very much! :)

Dear developers. The site http://www.eu07.pl/projects/eu07-spt/roadmap has the following message: simplified physics (only eu07 with basic engine and brakes operations). I do not understand what it means. Physics and dynamics of the movement of trains in the new simulator will be simplified? But why? This can not be done.

I believe that at a forum for communication between the Polish and Russian developers, we'll use the English language. In the Russian language will be translated interface forum, technical documentation, and explanatory texts. Separate forum for Russian developers to create only when it created the first test version of simulator.

I do not understand. Why no one can answer the question of Russification? Translated into Russian, I will. I need only to know whether it is implemented?

Removed Polish translation / BARTEK

Dear Polish developers. Look at the following video:


 It can evaluate the talent of Russian developers. I am confident that we can help each other :)

Removed Polish translation / BARTEK


Really Does Russify forum http://www.eu07.pl/projects/eu07-spt?
If possible, I'll get it. I believe that this step will accelerate the integration of Polish and Russian developers.

Removed Polish translation / BARTEK

First, thanks you for the help and answers to questions!

Secondly, I consider necessary to create separate section of a forum. It will be entirely devoted creation of a new simulator. It is necessary for us to organise process of creation of a simulator. If over the project some persons it not to turn out to finish even by 2030 work. Over the project many people should work. It is necessary to take in a command of engineers, programmers, designers, photographers, machinists, dispatchers, путейцев, mechanics and other experts. If the considerable quantity of unorganized people we cannot reach success is simple. Everyone them them should be engaged in the separate task.
For this purpose in new section of a forum it is necessary to create following sections (example):

1. Programming;
2. Design;
3. Physics;
4. Working out of the editor;
5. Multi-player working out;
6. Sound.

All should be organised. Developers should know the problems. Everyone should be engaged in a separate part of the project. Only so we can raise productivity of the work!

That should be in a new simulator:

1. An open code;

2. Language of scripts - dialect LISP (AutoLISP);

3. The Database of additions – SQLite (example);

4. System of distribution of additions on the basis of P2P the report (bittorrent);

5. The Supervisory console (multi-player);

6. There Should be a possibility for creation of routes on the basis of a real relief and photos from space (GoogleMAPs);

7. There Should be a possibility Language of scripts devices and their interaction with locomotives;

8. The physics of game should understand variable and logic expressions;

9. The Artificial intellect should be realistic. The traffic should understand the majority of triggers, and not just variable and speed;

10. Realism, realism and once again realism!!!

The Polish developers have proved the ability to create a real simulator. Among Russian railwaymen there is a set of competent and talented people. The project already became international. The Polish, Russian, Swedish, Italian, English both other engineers and programmers were connected to simulator creation. Only together we can receive positive result.

Good luck to all of you. We do the given project not for someone. We do the given project for ourselves and our children. Thanks all of you. I trust in our project!!! At all of us it will turn out.

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EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: MaSzyna Community
« dnia: 08 Stycznia 2009, 09:12:33 »

I the Russian engineer. Perhaps, you already know me. I have written section http://eu07.pl/forum/index.php/topic, 10457.0.html

Me the situation with working out of new simulator SPT code-named interests. As I have understood, it is based on technology «OpenSceneGraph». At what stage there is a working out at present? What is already realised? I can involve Russian programmers and designers. But it is necessary for me to know at what stage there is a working out at present?

Many thanks to all programmers and developers for your work!


Ja rosyjski inżynier. Może wiesz już mnie. Napisałem rozdział http://eu07.pl/forum/index.php/topic, 10457.0.html

Jestem zainteresowany w rozwoju nowego symulatora kryptonimie SPT. Jak rozumiem, jest ona oparta na technologii "OpenSceneGraph». Na jakim etapie rozwoju w tej chwili? Jak już wdrażane? Mogę przynieść rosyjskich programistów i projektantów. Ale ja muszę wiedzieć na jakim etapie rozwoju w tej chwili?

Wielkie podziękowania dla wszystkich programistów i deweloperów do pracy!

Why function of inclusion of the storage battery was gone in a new eu07.exe file (shift-J)??? A eu07.exe file from a DIZELPACK.


In Yb-project you can find the best exe to drive electric locomotives.

What changes are made in technology of management by the locomotive? On points please if it is possible certainly. :)

Removed Polish translation / BARTEK

The better way to upload files is to use our uploader:

And "Wybierz typ pliku (dodawanie przedrostka do nazwy):" choose "priv- pliki dla wąskiej grupy odbiorców - niepubliczne testy". Then the file is in one part :)

All is already good :)  http://eu07.pl/userfiles/5890/priv-The_instruction_on_brakes.rar

On open spaces of the Internet I have found a site:

http://www.eu07-addons.dl.pl/ Whose it is additions.

That from them it is necessarily necessary to download. What is it - EU07_Defiler.exe? and exe_664.rar? youBy_project.rar???

In advance thanks you for the help.

Removed Polish translation / BARTEK

Dear developers.

To me have informed that in a simulator Russian brakes of a rolling stock are not realised. Type of Matrosova. But in them there is nothing difficult. To begin with I have created the instruction on brakes. It is created on the basis of an educational training apparatus of the locomotive 2TE10v.
Archive The_instruction_on_brakes.rar contains two files: a training apparatus tren_2te10v.rar, instruction ReadMe.docx. Convincingly I ask you to familiarise.

Further I will create more detailed instruction. I hope for the further cooperation!

Removed Polish translation / BARTEK

Download: http://eu07.pl/userfiles/5890/priv-The_instruction_on_brakes.rar


Next, you can upgrade using a release made by youBy:
youBy Project"


But the reference does not work. What it for addition? Whether it is necessary to download it? Where it to download?

Whether I have the last version of game?

An order of my actions:

1. To download:
http://mamut.mysza.eu.org / ~ krzysiek626/EU07%5B1%5D.part01.rar
http://mamut.mysza.eu.org / ~ krzysiek626/EU07%5B1%5D.part02.rar
http://mamut.mysza.eu.org / ~ krzysiek626/EU07%5B1%5D.part03.rar
http://mamut.mysza.eu.org / ~ krzysiek626/EU07%5B1%5D.part04.rar

2. To download:
http://www.eu07.pl / ~ kurs90/patch.rar

3. To download two archives: http://rainsted.com/release/eu07/ and http://eu07.rainsted.com/release/libs.zip

All is true? Or there are later versions of game?

Wszystko w porządku? Albo istnieje nowszych wersji gry?

Speech did not go about financial cooperation! The language barrier disturbs a little :)

Nie został on mówił o współpracy finansowej! W bariera językowa utrudnia nieco :)

I wish to make to you business contact.

We have qualitative models of locomotives, cabins, sounds. There are all technical, traction and weight characteristics. We will grant you models of a rolling stock and all necessary data. You can write *.chk/*.mmd. This excellent decision, whether not so? The given kind of cooperation will lead to concrete results. Also will allow to relieve us of errors. After all all of us are interested in the further development of a magnificent simulator.

I hope for your help!

Removed Polish translation / BARTEK

Thanks you! I could not hope for the fast help at all. Now I will study instructions. Once again thanks you for your activity.

The information is at present necessary.

1. *.chk/*.mmd - Whether there is a detailed management? That means each parametre. In what limits it can change?

2. How to create a route? The scenarios? There is an editor of routes?


Obecnie niezbędne informacje.

1. *. Chk / *. MMD - Czy jest przewodnik? Co każdej opcji. Jakie limity to można zmienić?

2. Jak stworzyć trasy? Moje scenariusz? Istnieje edytor tras?

Bocznica / Odp: Russian developers require your help!
« dnia: 06 Stycznia 2009, 15:58:25 »
W języku Polskim:

Witaj. Nazywam się Aleksey. Ostatnio pobrane idealnego symulatora EU07. Chcę powiedzieć, wielkie podziękowania dla polskich deweloperów. Pracuję jako maszynista lokomotywy. Mają wyższe wykształcenie inżynierskie. Twój projekt nie może być porównywana z żadną symulatora. Inne symulatory nie mają takich możliwości. Fizyczny model silnika trakcyjnego do wykonywania i zarządzania na najwyższym szczeblu. Dziękujemy bardzo za pracę i bezsennych nocy.

Ale nie ma wystarczającej Rosyjski taboru. Rosyjski deweloperzy są bardzo zaawansowane w rozwoju aktualizacje dla programu Microsoft Train Simulator. MSTS Ale nie jest to symulator i arcade. Nie jest interesujące, jak symulator. Mam 3d model lokomotywa TEM2. Nie jest gotowy 3d kabiny dla niego i te dźwięki. Konwersja modelu 3dMax łatwo. Mamy wiedzę, doświadczenie, literatury technicznej, rysunki i dostępu do informacji kolejowej.

Potrzebujemy pomocy technicznej w tworzeniu lokomotywę w grze. Jak skonfigurować w symulatorze silnika. Jak ustawić technicznych i właściwości trakcyjne. Musimy przeprowadzić ALSN (automatyczne lokomotywę signaling). I wiele innych technicznych kwestii.
Być może deweloperzy mają rosyjskim lub rosyjskojęzycznych obywateli? Nawet jeśli nie wiesz, rosyjski, będziemy w stanie poradzić sobie z barierą języka. Pomocy, proszę. Wszyscy, którzy mogą. Wspólnie możemy podnieść EU07 do niesamowitych wysokościach realizmu.

Wesołych Świąt. Many thanks for your work!

Przepraszam, ale nie wiem doskonale Polski. Możemy pokonać bariery językowe. Z góry dziękujemy za pomoc!

TEM2 It is an example.

There is a set of ready models the locomotive and cabins. All technical and traction information on them. If it is interesting to you, you can familiarise on pages: www.trainsim.ru http://www.trainz.ru/www.railroadsim.net

Thanks you for the help! Also I hope for the further cooperation.


TEM2 przykład.

Istnieje wiele modeli lokomotyw oraz taksówek. Wszystkie informacje techniczne i trakcji na nich. Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany, możesz zobaczyć na stronach: www.trainsim.ru http://www.trainz.ru/ www.railroadsim.net

Dziękujemy za pomoc! I mam nadzieję na dalszą współpracę.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Russian developers require your help!
« dnia: 06 Stycznia 2009, 15:09:21 »
Hello. My name is Aleksey. Recently has downloaded ideal simulator EU07. I wish to tell many thanks to the Polish developers. I work as the machinist of the locomotive. I have the higher engineering educations. Your project not to be compared to one simulator. Other simulators have no such possibilities. Physical model, towing performances and steering of the locomotive top-level. Thanks you huge for your work and sleepless nights.

But I do not have any Russian rolling stock. The Russian developers have very much promoted in working out of additions for Microsoft Train Simulator. But MSTS it not a simulator, and an arcade. It is not interesting, as a simulator. At me is 3d locomotive TEM2 model. There is ready 3d a cabin for it and the present sounds. To convert model from 3dMax it is easy. We have knowledge, experience, the technical literature, drawings and access to any railway information. The help in technical adjustment of the locomotive in game is necessary for us. How to adjust in a simulator the locomotive. How to register technical and towing performances. It is necessary to realise ALSN (the automatic locomotive signalling). And many other technical moments.

Perhaps, among developers there are Russian or Russian-speaking citizens? Even if you do not know Russian, we can cope with a language barrier. Help, please. All who can. Together we can hoist EU07 to improbable heights of realism.

I wish you good Christmas. Many thanks for your work!

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