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EU07 Simulator English forum / Status
« dnia: 26 Kwietnia 2007, 21:47:40 »
Hey everyone!
I've been browsing through these forums for about 3 months now and while not being Polish, my mother language, czech, allows me to partially understand what goes on and I've gotta tell you, there's a lot.
I hope to find the time to put up some summaries of the latest updates, links and possibly put up some documentation, especially on track creation.
I in fact find it a bit pitty that this project is so little known because I consider it the best train simulation ever. For one, it totally beat in my eyes BVE, which is really popular (not speaking of MSTS, Trainz etc.).
Also, creation of setup packages being part of my job, I plan to try to put up some sort of installer if anyone would be interested.

For now, thank to the polish team for bringing out this already #1 train simulator, even though they mostly seem to have abandoned it for Nebula

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