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Ta sekcja pozwala Ci zobaczyć wszystkie wiadomości wysłane przez tego użytkownika. Zwróć uwagę, że możesz widzieć tylko wiadomości wysłane w działach do których masz aktualnie dostęp.

Wiadomości - Bescot

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Thankyou, no problem.

So to drive I ignore the guide and depart each station when I'm ready? I do not get any passenger exchange messages either.
As these scenarios form the majority of those provided, is there a repository to download extra ones anywhere? As a newbie I'm quite reliant on the driving guide at the moment, but in these scenarios it's quite useless as the sim doesn't properly update any distance based information on the HUD.


I have a problem with all of the Line 053 scenarios written by Driver24. At the origin station the timetable stays white and not turn red, or green and the driving aid stays at 0km/h. The right away has been announced and the signal has cleared. If I wait, nothing happens. If I decide to continue anyway - the time table does not refresh, and the driving aid just tells me 0km/h and is telling me to stop.

All other scenerios work ok, I have read that the author provided a lot of random events, so the problem might be related to this.

I'd be very grateful for any help. Thanks so much.

An example screenshot of the I053-day-tlk-83202 scene is attached.

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