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EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Video issues
« dnia: 13 Maja 2020, 23:13:56 »
Attached the log file together with 2 pictures.

With Simple (shaders) mode I can get dark nigh but as you can see the loco headlamps will not light the ground outside, I can see just a weird white texture.

I think I will keep playing only during daylight, but if you have any suggestion let me know. Thanks.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Video issues
« dnia: 13 Maja 2020, 00:34:54 »
Yes, I think the Full1.jpg was "Simple" renderer.

Anyways I tested with "Full" and "Simple (Shaders)" rendering modes and same issue still happens.

So basically do I need to get a new laptop?

I have another one but also with integrated Intel UHD 620, do you think it will be same thing?


EU07 Simulator English forum / Video issues
« dnia: 12 Maja 2020, 23:47:54 »
Hi Guys,

I am new to both simulator and forum, so far enjoying a lot but have some issues with video at night scenes. (please see attachments).

I have tested with both rendering modes simple and full but lights do not see correct.

By the way I am using an old laptop with the Intel HD 4400 integrated video, the simulation (20.04) runs smoothly but I have lightning issues at night, I tested with both Starter and Rainsted.

So my video card might be causing the issue but just wanted to confirm with some of you or if there is any available patch or adjustment in setting to fix this issue.


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