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EU07 Simulator English forum / Installation Issues
« dnia: 18 Kwietnia 2020, 14:11:47 »
Hi guys,
first i want to thank to all of you who are taking care of this incredible simulator - keep going with the same enthusiasm :)
In previous version of windows on my laptop - 8.1 the simulator was going smoothly that on the win 10 than i am using now - or i think so :)
I have noticed that in the beginning of the installation there is one warning appears - File allocation (SetFileValidData) failed (couse A r....
). File will be allocated by filling zero, which blocks whole aria2 execution.
Can you please explain to me if this is some big mistake in the installation and how can i manege with it? Also can you please explain to me what this aria2 file is all about?
Thanks for your time and answers :)

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