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EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Can´t start diesel 6DG
« dnia: 18 Lipca 2018, 16:39:56 »
Thank you!

Now a lot of new trains appeared. Installing now 7zip too as with rainsted didn´t work.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Can´t start diesel 6DG
« dnia: 15 Lipca 2018, 13:20:20 »
That was it! I was missing oil and fuel pump! Thank you!

I´d like to try SM42 or another diesels, but I cannot find them in Rainsted. I downloaded a big install file that is about 12,6 gb, but on most scenery are only electric locos, and some of them have no trains to choose. Do I need to download them separatedly?
Also Rainsted asks for anything with .7z files at start but I don´t know what it says...

I´m checking new english info just in case!

EU07 Simulator English forum / Can´t start diesel 6DG
« dnia: 14 Lipca 2018, 13:30:14 »
Hello to all!

Thanks for your great simulator! I´m starting with it, with a bit of difficulty because I can´t read polish. I read the english guides, but maybe they are outdated because I can´t star the diesel 6DG.

I see you no longer need to press shift with most of the commands, so I press j to engage battery, the cancel dead man, forward reverser...and press m for ingnition but starter does not engage.
I tried other keys but had no luck. I look for instructions but cannont find anything that works.

How is the procedure?


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