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EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Mouse cursor not appearing on pressing ALT
« dnia: 14 Października 2021, 13:24:41 »
I have the same issue sometimes, it is usually solved by switching out of the game and back in again, pressing Alt+Enter.
Also, if the camera view is locked, check if you have a joystick or controller connected to the computer, and if you have, try to check the option to disable the controllers. I had this issue that a connected joystick would constantly move my view around.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Shunting scenarios
« dnia: 22 Grudnia 2018, 21:32:06 »
Thank you.
Regarding uncoupling: how do I brake the train while unbraking the loco, so I can press the wagons? The brake pipe is the same, so if the wagons are braked, shouldn't the loco be braked too?

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Shunting scenarios
« dnia: 20 Grudnia 2018, 23:47:00 »
OK, thanks. I didn't even know subtitles existed, I've never seen them... :) Anyway, apparently I'm out of luck then. Maybe I'll try having my phone live-translate the audio from the radio, from Polish to English... though I have low hopes, since the audio isn't very clear!

On a side note: I can easily couple up with wagons, but when I try to uncouple, I'm unable to. Do I need to do something special before pressing "Delete"? In real life, when I have to uncouple, I just brake hard and then close the cocks and disconnect the pipe, and then the hook of course...


EU07 Simulator English forum / Shunting scenarios
« dnia: 20 Grudnia 2018, 17:53:24 »
I have some trouble finding out what to do in some scenarios. If I already have a train ready to start, and there's a timetable, then OK. But if I have to shunt around, I'm lost. As an example, the scenario Calkowo retro zima with the SM42 loco... if I start the sim there's my loco and a few wagons around, and the radio talks in Polish, but I don't understand it... What should I do? :) Is there a brief description in English of what to do in every scenario? In the "inne" folder I found lots of docs, but all of them in Polish...

Thank you

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Loco cabs
« dnia: 14 Grudnia 2018, 21:09:08 »
Thank you.
Setting the language to English actually does not affect the mouse-over text, it stays in Polish...


EU07 Simulator English forum / Loco cabs
« dnia: 12 Grudnia 2018, 23:59:21 »
I recently downloaded the latest version, and this simulator is getting more and more realistic, I love it! I love very much the interactive handling of the cab controls.
I've started studying more in depth all the various locos, but that's not easy, because everything is in Polish.
Is there somewhere a collection of drawings/pictures of the various cabs of the locos in the sim, with annotated English text indicating what all the simulated switches/lights are? It's so frustrating when some light starts to glow and I don't know what it means, or when I have no idea what a switch will do...


That log is from Bałtyk.

OK, here I attach a log for the correct scenery. As usual, the timetable stopped working at Wiliś Park. This time it didn't get stuck at the signal right after Rudawa, so I could run longer, until I got distracted for a second, and went through a red light right where it goes back from double track to single track.
I managed to stop the train with an emergency braking, before crashing onto an oncoming train, but I was unable to move the train again - I had released the brakes, the manometers on the loco were showing the correct pressures, and the motors were working - you could see the Amperes going up, and the loco "straining" to push the carriages - but it didn't move. It looked like the carriages were still braked. Why?

I also have a couple of questions regarding regulations...
1)When I'm at a station where I don't have to stop, do I have to keep a specific speed or just the speed for that section? On my railway, we have a 50Km/h limit within stations, even if we're not stopping...
2) What about when I enter a station and am going to the "side track", possibly because there's a train on the "main track"? What speed should I keep on the switches? On my railway it's 30Km/h...
3) How can I know in advance if I'm being received in the main or side track? Does a signal tell me? I don't know all the Polish signals...

Thanks again

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: A couple problems with the simulator
« dnia: 30 Kwietnia 2018, 00:10:09 »
That log is from Bałtyk.

Sorry, you're right, I had forgotten that I had tried another scenery after my problem.
I'll try the scenery again tomorrow or the day after, and will post the log here if I see the problem again...


EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: A couple problems with the simulator
« dnia: 29 Kwietnia 2018, 23:16:46 »

Scripting for this scenerio is rather simple. Looking into code, I see there are two variants depending if you get to Rudawa on time or not and in both something about IC train passing from Brzeziny. If you still have log.txt from that session, please add it in attachment.

It should be this, attached. From the log, can you also understand why I got stuck at Rudawa?

If you could suggest me a single, high-quality scenario (with electric trains) that shows off the best features of Maszyna, what would that be? Just one or two, to practice on and to show my friends... :)

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: A couple problems with the simulator
« dnia: 29 Kwietnia 2018, 01:08:56 »
Interactive timetables were introduced few years ago and many older scenerios never got updated to work with them. It requires properly named W4 sign assigned to track. Older scenerios usualy have them just as decorations with separate tracks layout for every scenerio, so it's like dozen hours to get single one working.
It works on: Bałtyk_interregio, all Całkowo, Drawinowo, line 61, Quark and maybe Krzyżowa scenerios. On line 53 it's guaranteed to work on recently published "Poranek" scenerio pack and still in testing winter scenerio.

Thank you both very much for your very fast reply.
Yes, I realize that it's a new feature, and a very welcome one. But on the scenery I'm using (line 53 Całkowo-Sluzba tlk 1) it appears to work at first, then it stops. I just tried, and it worked up to Wilis Park. After that, it never realized that I had passed Wilis Park (it actually never turned green). See screenshot: it still says I have to reach Wilis Park, but I'm actually at Sandomierz.

What is the Poranek scenario, is it something to download additionally? I only have what comes with the 18.03 distribution...

I continued the scenery anyway, and I got stuck right after Rudawa... I stopped there, and left at the proper time (but I didn't hear the whistle), but immediately I found a red light that never got green (see second screenshot).

Master switch requires ~3 MPa in auxiliary tank, >2,4 kV on main circuit, enabled all relays, master controller and field shunting lever on zero. I most of the times forget about the last one. If it happens again, please make screenshot of diagnostic under F3 key. We should be able to tell wthat's wrong from there.

As it always happens in these situations, of course it didn't happen at all this time, so I couldn't try tour suggestions or take a screenshot. I will post it if/when it happens again.

In addition to what's said, also note the station in the timetable come in two flavours -- either they have only 'departure time' (and these are safe to pass through) or they have both the arrival and departure time listed. For these, you can't simply pass them, you have to stop at them and wait until the listed departure time (the station entry in the timetable should turn green when it happens)

Yes thank you, I had realized that, and behaved accordingly. Actually it turns green even on stations where I don't have to stop.
I'm a train driver in Italy, and our regulations are quite different, but this particular thing is similar... :)


EU07 Simulator English forum / A couple problems with the simulator
« dnia: 28 Kwietnia 2018, 12:54:13 »
Hello all,
I'm running the current (18.03) version, under WINE in Kubuntu Linux.
The simulator itself seems to work fine, even though I didn't test everything. But I have a couple of issues.
I usually use the scenery "l053_Calkowo-sluzba-tlk-1", and I like it a lot for its quality and mixture of slow, single-track and faster, double-track sections.
But sometimes, when I use the "timetable" view (where it prints on screen the next station and section speed in red), it stops working. For example I pass a station (without stopping) and that station name, instead of becoming green and disappearing, stays red. It's as if the simulator doesn't realize that I passed that station, and keeps waiting for it to arrive. And of course then it's useless for the rest of the simulation.

Another problem I have... sometimes, the loco stops working (i.e. the fast switch opens for too much current, or because there's an interruption in the catenary above) and I can't get it to start again. Even if I switch everything off and do the starting procedure again, when I should press M for the master switch, it doesn't work. Even the animation of the button on the cab doesn't work (i.e. when I press M, I don't see the button moving). And of course then I can't start the loco anymore, and I have to restart the simulation from the beginning.

Are these known problems?

Lastly I have a question: I haven't tried all the sceneries, could you suggest me a few high-quality ones, with electric locos and varied service?

Thank you in advance

I tried that... No luck! :( Log attached.

I wouldn't know what drivers to try - these are the official ones from nVidia for my card.
This is weird because the hardware can run it, since I can run it using wine under Linux...

Td crashes too.
Turning off VBO didn't help.

I'm attaching the new log (with Td and VBO off), and the current .ini file (with extension changed to txt)...


Here it is...

Uh, I reinstalled the most recend nVidia drivers (the card is a 7150M) and I get the same problem...

EU07 Simulator English forum / Crash on startup while loading scenery
« dnia: 12 Listopada 2014, 01:02:33 »
Until now, I have been using Eu07 on my desktop computer running Linux, using Wine.
Tonight I tried installing it to my laptop running Windows XP. I simply copied over the same folder, so the settings and files are the same.
When trying to start the simulator with Windows, I get a fatal error and the computer goes back to Rainsted.
The last file loaded (when the crash happens) is textures/pkp/#szlab_tex.dds .

Is this a known problem, and can I do something to fix it?
I know the computer is powerful enough to run the simulator, because with the same computer, using Linux and wine, it does work (though not very fast)...


EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: How to read the Calkowo timetable?
« dnia: 11 Listopada 2014, 22:50:02 »
Thank you all for the very informative answers!
If macius is right, and the "extra" train number only represents the new name for my train, then how can I tell in which stations I have to "meet" incoming trains? On our train documents, such "exchanges" are the most delicate maneuvers, because of course if you fail to wait for the other train, you will crash into it; so they are reported very clearly , in bold font, on the documents.
We also have some conventions for the naming of trains, for example odd numbers are North to South, and even numbers are South to North. This way, if I ever had to change the name of my train, it could never change for example from "600" to "601", but from "600" to "602" or so...
One last question: are the speed limits Vp and Vl only for the transit through the stations, or also for the main track outside the stations?


EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: How to read the Calkowo timetable?
« dnia: 11 Listopada 2014, 19:39:24 »
Thank you again.
Now, can I ask you if I understood all the fields correctly?
1) The Nr. Linii column describes the actual line of that part of the trip;
2) Km means the distance indicator along that line, as indicated by the numeric signals by the track, near the ground;
3) Vp and Vl are speeds, but what is the difference between the two?
4) Stacja is the name of the station, with the distance in Km along the line, and the symbols we talked about above;
5a) Godzina: the time at which you pass the station. If there are two times there, one is the arrival and one is the departure.
5b) Godzina, second part: appears to be the time in minutes between a station and the next, but why are there two of them sometimes?
6) If in the Godzina cell there is the name of another train, I must wait for that incoming train before continuing;
7) A thick vertical line means single track line, while a double line means double track;
8) LOKI/II/III means the locomotive I'm using;
9) Brutto, Dl.Poc., Vmax, %: I have no idea! What are they?

Regards from Italy,

PS - In real life I'm a train conductor here in Italy... We have train documents not unlike these ones, but quite different of course! :)

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: How to read the Calkowo timetable?
« dnia: 11 Listopada 2014, 18:21:55 »
Thank you very much. I ran the site through a translator and I understood at least part of it.
Am I wrong or all those symbols don't say anything about the actual services I have to do at those stations in the simulator? To correctly run the timetable I don't need those symbols, right? I only need to know at which stations to stop, and where to wait for an incoming train... right? :)

EU07 Simulator English forum / How to read the Calkowo timetable?
« dnia: 11 Listopada 2014, 17:08:01 »
I really like driving the Line 53 - Calkowo route. I like the blend of fast and slow, old and new. But I have some problems following the timetable (the file is found at inne/l053_calkowo/MPEi58101_0.pdf ).
At the various stations, there are several markings - like R1, M, OT, H, RT, PP, L, and so on. I have no idea what they mean, so I have no idea what I have to do at every station. Is there a place where I can learn how to read those timetables?


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