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EU07 Simulator English forum / Some Questions
« dnia: 19 Stycznia 2014, 14:43:39 »
Hi everybody!

We're a team of two people from Italy. We have been following MaSzyna EU07 for many years, and we love it!

Now we're making a website about the simulator, as we'd like to spread its popularity and provide some support in Italian language (we're also planning an English version in the future).

We have some questions about a couple of things we don't understand or consider bugs:
  • With SN61 or SM03, wheel slip causes the simulator to crash. It's a bug, we guess.
  • In SM/SP/SU42 there's a shunt that changes the Volt/Amperes balance. How does it work? How does the loco's behavior change?
  • The EP09 has a little bug that happens when you overload the brakes and the control cylinder remains "stuck": instead of sending air to the brake cyls it activates electric braking, even if the motors are already pulling.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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