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EU07 Simulator English forum / Amazing work thanks
« dnia: 14 Stycznia 2014, 19:43:51 »
I would just like to say thanks for your efforts in making this Train simulation, though I have only spent a few days with it , ost of that trying to find a English guide & also using Google Translate I have managed to get going.

The level of detail for the One train I have used so far is very hi.
Coming from Train Simulator 2014 less said the better on that one & also Pro Trains Perfect 2 The German version of Trainz 2010 that's is more in depth than Train Simulator 2014.

But this for the work of a few people is amazing plenty of stuff to master the trains look very good sounds are also very good.
Its is very important for me that the Simulation part is of a good standard over eye candy  & flash but pointless effects.

This is excellent work Guys keep it up I look forwards to spending lots of time in your wonderful sim. thanks for your passion & efforts.

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