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EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Amazing work thanks
« dnia: 21 Stycznia 2014, 20:18:19 »
In 2013 many driver desks were build, based on original locomotive parts and there's kind of interest from some rail companies to use MaSzyna in teaching drivers.
It is used for example in Lublin, for training drivers in company Przewozy Regionalne:

Very nice the same as been done with Zusi 2 & 3 There is even a link to buy the parts need to build a cab there. & other guides to self building smaller controls . I want to work on a small control , it just a matter of reading up getting the parts or building them & Time , time being the hardest part to find.

Its is now looking like we will be adding some sub sites onto our Steam games forum pages I have put yours forwards to be added this way I can keep people better informed of developments here & I hope attract more users to your sim.

I would imagine your Simulation is good enough to be used as a training aid, seeing how long it takes to train a driver & there is much less risk involved in a VR world than letting some one loose in a hi value real train,& for those rail company running on a small budget & can not afford a super computer this has to be a good cost effective option.

This is the sort of interest you need I would have thought its a better market than the hobby market & I hope you would get some sort of deal in return & get a good source of real world feed back from real drivers to improve the realism of the core engine.

What is your background out of intrest , as you say you are not a big follower of simulations.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Amazing work thanks
« dnia: 19 Stycznia 2014, 22:13:32 »
Well yes money is always the limiting factor I have seen good sims ruined in the quest to turn a profit.
I take you know of Zusi Train simulator its been going a lot longer than you I think.
But that also is used for training of train driver's the current version that you can buy as a lot lower quality graphics than yours.

But the current so far only for Training use , but there is an Hobby version been worked on for general sales by that as been in the pipe line for at least 6 years there is an demo of Zusi 2 & the newer 3 you may want to take a look at there site.

There is an English section & maybe some other none German sections to.
But they are working in the same directions as your selfs but based on the German rail network.


I hope its ok to add the link here if not please remove it I use Google or bing to translate as my German is still a long way off reading or fully understanding everything.

Maybe you could even talk to them I think they have quite a good team of modders both paid & freeware helpers
It is just an idea anyhow.

You have have a very good foundation for your core engine that feels good , ok it may not be HD graphics but I tend to find the whole HD & Effects thing overrated.

If you can nail the Simulation side then the eye candy must come 2nd to many have gone down that road at the cost of the simulation side.

If you look at Zusi they have kept it simple the Sim part come's first, as far as I understand they do not have rain yet in the Simulation or loads of Traffic like cars & trucks.

Its is nice that you would like to keep it free , but I think anyone understands that we all need an income too.
I will see If I can get some other people interested  in trying your sim & they should not be put off by it being in Polish.

I can guide them through the basic's at least.
Though I keep getting stuck with the odd overload that will not reset even with Shift + N  but still I am enjoying you work. quite a hi workload , I am use to driving German Trains in sims with all there fancy Tech. But I like this more hand on approach. Thanks for your reply's.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Amazing work thanks
« dnia: 18 Stycznia 2014, 18:53:02 »
I would just like to say thanks for your efforts in making this Train simulation, though I have only spent a few days with it , ost of that trying to find a English guide & also using Google Translate I have managed to get going.
How about you with understanding polish Radio Recordings in MaSzyna Simulator?

My understanding of Polish is nil so other than adding atmosphere I can not say anymore.

  Dodano: 18 Stycznia 2014, 19:21:55
Also, if you need some guidence or maybe translation of some docs into English (maybe I'll manage to do it a bit better than google translate) feel free to hit me with a pm or an email (olafchujko@gmail.com). It comes to me as a shock, that someone actually called this models very good looking (with all due respect to the ones who created said models), although I'm not really surprised with the part about simulation being good, actually I'd say that's what MaSzyna is all about.
Please do tell me where are you from and what you do. I ask out of sheer interest. Also please make an effort to interest your friends with the simulator.
We are kinda desperate for an opengl/shaders dev that we could use for refreshing the graphics engine a bit. So if you know anyone by that profession, please let us/him know. ;-)

I based my comments on the amount of effort put in by your self's , this is not some big budget based Sim like Train Simulator 2014 or Trainz 2012.

I find what I have seen so far to be of an hi standard for the amount of your own free time & efforts, Yes some models are better than others, but you have tried to at least make a simulation & not some thing pretending to be in name only.

As for where I come from I come from the UK, these days I live in Hamburg Germany & since I have been living here I have gotten into Trains & the Simulations of when I have the time, I am still trying to learn German while working & living a normal life.

I can ask around If there are  any guys on our forum that have knowledge of what you are looking for I have already listed your Sim in our Freeware & add-on section.

I wanted to do some basic Videos of Train start ups & running but I have had a few issues with my software & not much time to spare.

I have come across from our Forum after seeing this sim mentioned by another member but he had failed to find any more info out about your self's I did a bit more digging around & found you site & downloaded the latest version last week.

The forum I am part of is made up of people who have been banned for the the main Rail simulator .com . now renamed Dove tail game's Forum on the Steam retail site, after I along with 130 th others people voice our issues & problems with the last two versions being less & less of a simulation & too much over priced DLC 3000 euros to much . far to many bugs & a lack of customer support by the way Rail simulation is related to the old Microsoft trains sim when Microsoft dropped them they carried on , but a few years back some ex CEO from EA games took them over & ever since that happened it as become less & less a sim & more of an arcade game.

We started out with only 8 members including myself back in November last year since then we have become 130 & growing.

Anyhow that is the overview. I think we have at least a few modders in there who have worked on stuff so I can ask if anyone would like to help you if you would like me to.

I have little idea how hard it is to keep a project like this going without money but there are a few other Free Train sim other there as you no doubt know anyhow.

Anyhow that is my history & how I came to find out about you , so again thanks for your time & efforts.

What is the long term aim with your Simulations. will this develop past a so far Freeware Simulation ? Is the aim to make a commercial product , Like Trainz or Train Simulator series or aim more towards the higher level Simulations like RUN 8 from the USA or Zusi 2 & 3 from Germany, that is been used by Train operators for training drivers.

I was just wondering what your goal is with this project, I have not read my way fully through your site yet.
But I have added your Sim to our current on-going  list of Train sims  addons  & freeware  section.

But I think soon we will be having an overall of the site to add new sections & widen the data base for Sims & mods.
Like I listed above how we came into being, now we are widening our Rail sim options.

But this is still all be talked about so I can not say what the changes will be yet.
I have posted your need for an opengl/Shaders dev so I will se what happens ok.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Amazing work thanks
« dnia: 14 Stycznia 2014, 19:43:51 »
I would just like to say thanks for your efforts in making this Train simulation, though I have only spent a few days with it , ost of that trying to find a English guide & also using Google Translate I have managed to get going.

The level of detail for the One train I have used so far is very hi.
Coming from Train Simulator 2014 less said the better on that one & also Pro Trains Perfect 2 The German version of Trainz 2010 that's is more in depth than Train Simulator 2014.

But this for the work of a few people is amazing plenty of stuff to master the trains look very good sounds are also very good.
Its is very important for me that the Simulation part is of a good standard over eye candy  & flash but pointless effects.

This is excellent work Guys keep it up I look forwards to spending lots of time in your wonderful sim. thanks for your passion & efforts.

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