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EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: MaSzyna Community
« dnia: 24 Listopada 2007, 16:52:10 »
Writing manuals is a big time consuming and the same is to translate them.

Bve is much more simple then EU07 and therefore also its documentation.

Automatic translators better work to convert Japanese then Polish into English.

The BVE "story" has been written out of Japan mostly becouse of a couple of persons Japanese speaking (a Japanese and a Britain) that started to share their knowledge in English on an English forum (Vern rail pages was in those time the mayor railsim site in the world). This in late 2000.

This has been the not easy to repeat winning combination of BVE fortune.

To add then commercial simulators like Trainz, MSTS and KRS where just in dreams of us trainsimfans, in that time. The Polish DOS running Mechanik EN47 was the better simulator than!

However I don't want discourage and I'll be ever grateful to whatever person will work to share the knowledge of this simulator to English speaking people, as I bow to the intelligence and generosity of Polish authors and developers of the program.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: MaSzyna Operation Guide
« dnia: 24 Listopada 2007, 15:43:19 »
You can open lefs doors by Shift+< , close with < , right doors by shift+> , close by >. You can sound end signal by ?.
This could make sense with the US keyboard layout in mind:


EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: MaSzyna Operation Guide
« dnia: 24 Listopada 2007, 14:48:54 »
Polish keybord:

Italian keyboard:

I had the same problem with the Italian version of Windows XP SP2 and had success to solve it using the "Windows update" driver search.
This is the drivers version working fine on my system:

Luigi Cartello

I've found a useful Polish-English online translator at http://www.poltran.com/

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