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Have you tried pressing the left ALT key?
Yes, I did. I have played it on my old computer before this one.

Strange noone reported such thing before. But does it switches to pick mode? Locks camera in place but you can't see cursor or target anything blindly? Does the same happens in editor mode (F11)?
If you have any graphics enhancers like reshade, they alter pickbuffer, so it can't be used to locate switches in view canvas, but cursor should be visible anyway.
Exactly, the camera is locked but I cant see the cursor nor target anything. I try F11.

I use maszyna as comes and have not installed anything else, if you mean graphic mods.

thanks so far.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Mouse cursor not appearing on pressing ALT
« dnia: 18 Września 2021, 18:11:35 »
I have downloaded v21.04 and installed it and it works flawlessly except for one single gamebreaking issue. When I am in the cabin and I press ALT the mouse cursor does not appear, so I can't press the switches or see the keyboard shortcuts.

I am runing a Radeon RX450 graphics card and I have installed the latest drivers as of this date. Does anybody have any idea what I can do?

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