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EU07 Simulator English forum / Looking for up to date source code
« dnia: 26 Października 2021, 19:23:29 »
Hello from a fan in the UK,

I have been made some personal edits to the source code of maszyna on github. However I notice there has been no commit to master since January this year. Also I notice that that even though github is older, there are many new features compared to v21.04 (I can see many interesting new features such as the map, but my 100% favourite is  the new "independent brake releaser")

Is the source code in github a good starting place to make edits? I am only making changes for my personal use but if I can learn the source code, I hope I can make a useful contribution. It would be nice to know if there is more recent code that I can edit.

I have a couple of ideas for changes I would like to make to the exe:
* Sometimes due to bad alignment of 3kv wire, the locomotive can disconnect from the traction network (e.g Kaliska). When the pantograph becomes disconnected, I have been thinking to "extend" the connection for a short time (maybe 0.5-2 seconds). Hopefully the pantograph will reconnect to the wire before the time runs out. Hopefully this will make it easy for the authors of a long scenery such as Kaliska
* There is a bug in v21.04 the brake handle of the BR285, where if you place it in position 2 (cutout) it will refill the brake pipe. It is currently impossible to run 2*BR285 because your train will never stop!
* For locomotives with 3-position type brake handle {apply, lap, release} such as dragon, traxx, ET21, SM48, I want to change the keyboard buttons to be the same for every locomotive (i.e 6=release, 5=lap, 2=apply)

P.S I saw this diagram in another thread. Google translate gets confused when I try and put it in English, but maybe a good translation is "Its complicated"?


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