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Pokaż wątki - E444R

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EU07 Simulator English forum / problem with 3d studio max
« dnia: 21 Października 2020, 21:20:42 »
Good evening everyone.
I was doing some tests with this program, following the guide that is here . The problem, however, is that I cannot create the ground.
From the create menu, I select shapes and then line , I draw various points to form an area to which I want to apply the terrain. From the scenery Designer panel, I select Delanuay mesh ... and already here I don't understand, instead of having me select the shape created earlier, it makes me create more points. Anyway, I hit make and it gives me this error ..
Any suggestions to solve the problem?

EU07 Simulator English forum / Event guide
« dnia: 19 Października 2020, 21:00:38 »
Good evening everyone.
I am looking at different event files of the different scenarios present, but I must admit that it is difficult to understand something, I was wondering if there is a complete guide to the use of events with all the commands.
I found one, but due to the bad translation done by google, at times you don't understand much.
I take this opportunity to ask for info on the signals.
I understand that the signals are independent, in the sense that if I have a busy track, the signal does not automatically switch to red. In fact, in the test scenario that I am trying, it happened that the two trains found themselves facing each other because they both had the green signal.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Services without timetable
« dnia: 13 Października 2020, 12:58:19 »
Good morning everyone.
A curiosity:
There are some scenarios that, when selecting a service, do not have a timetable. (See example in photo) What are they for? What is the usefulness of these services?
Is it possible for a player to create a timetable for that train?
Thanks for the replies.

Pardon me if I ask this question, but trust me this is the fourth time I repeat the scenario.
I am talking about the Calkowo_retro scenario with the SP45_104 loco, I do everything correctly, I change the bench several times to hook myself to the wagons, at the time of leaving, I feel that the loco goes into traction but does not start as if there were the handbrake. I've tried all sorts of ways. I did the debug screen, but I don't understand much about it. Can you help me?

EU07 Simulator English forum / question about the editor
« dnia: 02 Października 2020, 19:41:29 »
Hi, I was wondering, but can the scenarios already present in the simulator be edited? If so, with what tools?
Thanks in advance.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Tip for future releases
« dnia: 30 Września 2020, 18:04:20 »
I tried to search but I do not seem to have found a post to write, please excuse me if I have the wrong section, move it if you see fit.
If I can make any suggestions, I don't know if it will be feasible. But I would like to have a more restrictive simulation in future versions. For example, if you pass with the no way signal (red), make sure the simulation ends instantly. warning Skipped stop at station  . A warning of excess speed with respect to the line settings, perhaps over a certain percentage.
The ability to save and ultimately lean some sort of final score when a scenario is completed.
Forgive me if I said nonsense or things already said, in that case please delete the post.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Starting locomotives
« dnia: 29 Września 2020, 16:53:11 »
hi, I have a problem with all or most of the locomotives. Basically, I am running, I want to slow down, I put the billhook to zero, I press 8 for a few seconds to enter a slight braking, I bring the brake lever back to running position, but the train continues to brake and once stopped I can no longer restart . The only way is to do it automatically, I press SHIFT + Q, and the train does it all by itself, I press Q to regain control. I couldn't find anything about it, who can help me?
Thanks in advance.

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