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EU07 Simulator English forum / The imitation bug
« dnia: 27 Maja 2019, 18:34:18 »

I was driving an EP09 in the Baltyk_skm1 route; when I passed near a consist of freight cars in Baltyk, my train suddenly came to a stop and it swang for a while; I thought the last car applied emergency brakes or even derailed for some reason, since the train stopped from 40 kph in a second or less.
Then I tried to start the train and something funny happened. As soon as I started my intercity, all the freight cars on my left (which had no engine attached!) started moving near me, at my very same speed, with their brakes applied and making a lot of noise; when I applied the brakes, both my intercity and the freight cars stopped, even though they weren't on my same track, but on a track near mine.

What happened? Is this a feature we didn't know Maszyna to have?
Was funny, though.


Until a few days ago I used Maszyna 18.10 and everything was fine.
Yesterday I installed the version 19.01 and now a lot of routes do not have any consist to drive.

This happens with all the Calkowo services, except for the Calkowo_Lotos and the Calkowo_Tartak2. Also, I don't have the loco for the Calkowo_SN61 and I see a SU45 for the Calkowo_SN61_zima, which is weird.
The only other route with the same problem is the Elektrocieplownia_dobre, but not the winter version with the SM42.

I didn't bothered to delete the old 18.10, thus I still have everything from that version.

That said, what could I do to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance,


EU07 Simulator English forum / Texture trouble
« dnia: 04 Września 2016, 13:34:10 »
I've made a texture for the Z1 coaches; now, what I have to do to see it in Maszyna?


I've made subtitles in Italian for Maszyna 15.04.


I hope I didn't make mistakes uploading this file.


EU07 Simulator English forum / I want to make something for Maszyna
« dnia: 10 Lipca 2016, 21:14:15 »
Hallo railfans!

I'm Angelo from Italy, I love trains since I was a little child and I like Maszyna because it makes me feel like a train driver...and also because it's free :-)
I like playing with resistors and shunts on a light commuter train or on a heavy freight train.

Well, now I want to make something for this wonderful simulator; just a house and an easy two-kilometers railway.

Could anyone help me, please?
I've made 3D models for years; my avatar is a train that I made for Trainz Simulator.


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