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EU07 Simulator English forum / Shunting scenarios
« dnia: 20 Grudnia 2018, 17:53:24 »
I have some trouble finding out what to do in some scenarios. If I already have a train ready to start, and there's a timetable, then OK. But if I have to shunt around, I'm lost. As an example, the scenario Calkowo retro zima with the SM42 loco... if I start the sim there's my loco and a few wagons around, and the radio talks in Polish, but I don't understand it... What should I do? :) Is there a brief description in English of what to do in every scenario? In the "inne" folder I found lots of docs, but all of them in Polish...

Thank you

EU07 Simulator English forum / Loco cabs
« dnia: 12 Grudnia 2018, 23:59:21 »
I recently downloaded the latest version, and this simulator is getting more and more realistic, I love it! I love very much the interactive handling of the cab controls.
I've started studying more in depth all the various locos, but that's not easy, because everything is in Polish.
Is there somewhere a collection of drawings/pictures of the various cabs of the locos in the sim, with annotated English text indicating what all the simulated switches/lights are? It's so frustrating when some light starts to glow and I don't know what it means, or when I have no idea what a switch will do...


EU07 Simulator English forum / A couple problems with the simulator
« dnia: 28 Kwietnia 2018, 12:54:13 »
Hello all,
I'm running the current (18.03) version, under WINE in Kubuntu Linux.
The simulator itself seems to work fine, even though I didn't test everything. But I have a couple of issues.
I usually use the scenery "l053_Calkowo-sluzba-tlk-1", and I like it a lot for its quality and mixture of slow, single-track and faster, double-track sections.
But sometimes, when I use the "timetable" view (where it prints on screen the next station and section speed in red), it stops working. For example I pass a station (without stopping) and that station name, instead of becoming green and disappearing, stays red. It's as if the simulator doesn't realize that I passed that station, and keeps waiting for it to arrive. And of course then it's useless for the rest of the simulation.

Another problem I have... sometimes, the loco stops working (i.e. the fast switch opens for too much current, or because there's an interruption in the catenary above) and I can't get it to start again. Even if I switch everything off and do the starting procedure again, when I should press M for the master switch, it doesn't work. Even the animation of the button on the cab doesn't work (i.e. when I press M, I don't see the button moving). And of course then I can't start the loco anymore, and I have to restart the simulation from the beginning.

Are these known problems?

Lastly I have a question: I haven't tried all the sceneries, could you suggest me a few high-quality ones, with electric locos and varied service?

Thank you in advance

EU07 Simulator English forum / Crash on startup while loading scenery
« dnia: 12 Listopada 2014, 01:02:33 »
Until now, I have been using Eu07 on my desktop computer running Linux, using Wine.
Tonight I tried installing it to my laptop running Windows XP. I simply copied over the same folder, so the settings and files are the same.
When trying to start the simulator with Windows, I get a fatal error and the computer goes back to Rainsted.
The last file loaded (when the crash happens) is textures/pkp/#szlab_tex.dds .

Is this a known problem, and can I do something to fix it?
I know the computer is powerful enough to run the simulator, because with the same computer, using Linux and wine, it does work (though not very fast)...


EU07 Simulator English forum / How to read the Calkowo timetable?
« dnia: 11 Listopada 2014, 17:08:01 »
I really like driving the Line 53 - Calkowo route. I like the blend of fast and slow, old and new. But I have some problems following the timetable (the file is found at inne/l053_calkowo/MPEi58101_0.pdf ).
At the various stations, there are several markings - like R1, M, OT, H, RT, PP, L, and so on. I have no idea what they mean, so I have no idea what I have to do at every station. Is there a place where I can learn how to read those timetables?


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