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EU07 Simulator English forum / Exchange trainset with new starter?
« dnia: 11 Maja 2020, 20:51:27 »
Hello everyone,

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but for some reason, I cannot change a locomotive with the new starter application.

When I try to change a locomotive, the start button is inactive. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

EU07 Simulator English forum / Few problems found
« dnia: 13 Października 2018, 21:07:47 »
Hello all,

I am currently using the latest version 18.10.

First of all I wanted to just thank to all of the Maszyna developers for the amazing work! Both the simulator and rolling stock are becoming better and better. One of my favorite things was the improvement of the sounds for diesel locomotives.

However, there are a few problems I wanted to report ( and it might be something I am doing wrong, so please correct me if so ).

With the normal 64bit application ( not the gl33 ):

- The ET42's Hasler tachograph makes noise but does not move/indicate speed.
- F10 seems to not do anything anymore, but I guess I can use the escape key for that.
- I had the problem where there were no helpers ( time, speed, timetable, etc ) but this has been fixed with the Hot Fix release.
- The escape key for Pause does not allow you to roam around - Is this a new feature? It would be nice to be able to pause, roam around the scenario and make some screenshots, for example.

With the 64bit gl33 version:

- I noticed that if I have the language of subtitles set to "en", the application does not start at all.
- Cab-light does not illuminate the cab.
- Some strange transparency bug when you turn on the instrument lights on the EP09 (EP09-016) ( Scenario l053-sluzba-6-night ).

Hopefully these problems will be fixed at some point. Again, thanks for your amazing work.



EU07 Simulator English forum / Questions about the new version 424
« dnia: 04 Lutego 2014, 16:48:24 »
Hello everyone.
Once again I'm back with some more questions about this great simulator.
I have "installed" version 424 of Maszyna and I went to test it on Baltyk route. I had two problems and I wasn't sure how to avoid them so I don't know what to do or what I was doing wrong...
I started the locomotive normally, first turn on battery, then put both pantographs up, then switch main power on, etc...
But then when I was driving the locomotive sometimes the overhead voltage would go down very quickly (even if I didn't put power on the locomotive...) and the locomotive would turn the main power switch off. This happened sometimes until I was arriving to the station to rescue the broken down train... in all of a sudden, voltage goes down again only this time I can't put pantographs up... I went to see and it seems like I broke my pantographs. :O So... What can I do to avoid all this in the new version?

Also, what are the new features about this new version? I would like if anyone could explain... (Yes, I tried to use the translator with the description given on the forum about the new version but I couldn't understand much so, if anyone could explain, that would be nice :) )

Thanks for your help once again.

EU07 Simulator English forum / ET 42 Hasler Tachograf not working
« dnia: 06 Grudnia 2013, 14:31:36 »
Good afternoon!

I tried to play on L053-night-towarowy-et42 and the Hasler tachograf only makes sound but it does not indicate speed.
Maybe I have to do something on the locomotive to put it working? I don't know... I never tried to drive this locomotive before.
Any help would be great. :)


EU07 Simulator English forum / Multiplayer on Maszyna
« dnia: 22 Listopada 2013, 01:02:01 »
Good evening everyone.

So I have been away from the forum but I have been driving with this simulator... To who made those new night freight train activities for l053 - congratulations, those activities are really great!

But anyways, I wanted to ask about this for a while.
Does Multiplayer work with Maszyna or not?
I have seen an old topic about it and the answer was that it wasn't still working as there was other priority stuff to do, but since that topic and reply were made in 2011, what about it now? Are there any news about it? I am interested. :)

Thanks for your attention!


Pedro Almeida

EU07 Simulator English forum / l053_Cargo_Part 2 problem
« dnia: 06 Listopada 2013, 23:43:31 »
So I went to drive on the l053 part 2 and of course I was enjoying a lot until I had to stop in a station to let one M62 to pass over with another freight train. I don't know what happened, but it seams like that one track junction where my train was still standing on, it changed, and so the train "derailed" but it made a strange bug... I don't have a screenshot now but I will make the activity again to get the screenshot.

Also, another question that this happened to me some times before... Sometimes I made something wrong and turn on the compressor first (Shift+C) instead of the ventilators/voltage converter (Shift+X). It happens that the locomotive stops completely and I cannot re-start it myself. It just won't turn on... What procedures should I make after this happens to me?

Thanks once again for your help!

  Dodano: 07 Listopada 2013, 00:53:16
So here you can see the problem. (Though I think I did something wrong on the activity...)
1 - Arrival to the station where I need to cross with another freight train. See the tracks changed to the right...
2- My train can't go any further and the back of my train is covering the junction as you can see here. Signal on the right for the other train is correct to be red...
3- M62 is aproaching the signal and turns greeen while my train is still there.
4- M62 only stops after passing the green light because of my train still there...
5- Screenshot under the wagons with the tracks changed for M62 but while my train is still there...
6- Signal for my train allows me to depart despite of what is happening on the back...
7- If I start my train, well, it does this.

Though I have to wonder... When I depart from a station called something like "Willis", the signal opens as "shunting" (white blinking light). Maybe I should leave the Falls at Willis?

Any help is appreceated. :)

Wysłałem na PW informację na temat wielkości załącznika.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Camera zooming - for screenshots
« dnia: 06 Listopada 2013, 17:11:57 »
Good afternoon everyone.

I have once again a new question, but on this case it's related to the camera "controls" on the game.
I have noticed that some people have been able to make screenshots with some "zooming" effect (change of FoV), or at least, I think it is possible.
Could you please explain to me how can I change this to make some nice screenshots as well?
Thanks for your help in advance.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Night Cab-Lights and other question
« dnia: 03 Listopada 2013, 17:41:02 »
Hi everyone. Sorry that I can't speak or understand much of Polish... I am from Portugal, and only know how to speak Spanish, English and a bit of Czech (curiously I find that Czech is a bit similar to Polish...).

I have been "trying" to play on this simulator for a big a while... It is a great simulator and something I enjoy a lot is to hear the tachograf Hasler "ticking". :)

I have a few questions that I still haven't been able to figure out how to solve it, even after watching videos on youtube.

First question: There are some interesting night activities, though while I am able to turn on the outside lights of the locomotive, I just can't figure out how to turn on the cab lights (or even instrument lights) so its not that easy to see the cab instruments at night. :/ How can I do this? I have tried to use Polish keyboard configuration but I couldn't do anything special anyways.

Second question: I've seen videos of the activities that people make for this simulator. They are just the best! Though a big problem in my opinion is that, specially when shunting trains, radio communications are completely in Polish, so I can't really understand what should do or what I shouldn't do. I have noticed something when you press the key F2, it shows you lots of information, though I can't really understand what each part of the information means or what I should really do.
So I give a sugestion... Is it possible to make something to show to the player to where to drive for example giving an "order" on the F2 (or other key) for example showing distance to the place where I should go and when to reverse or continue to the front with the locomotive... I've noticed that there's a part of F2 that says usually something like "comand 0_wait_for_orders" - What orders? usually I get an order or a green signal to depart (knowing the timetable on passenger trains, for example) but this "comand 0" thing stills says to wait for orders... so I can't really understand if i should really start moving to get on time to the next station or just stay stopped until I get some order...

Then I have also seen another that says something like "comand 2_put Cabsignal" - How do I do this? To be honest I can't really know how to "Put Cabsignal".

3rd question: How do I know that the activity is over? Shouldn't be there something telling you that there are no other next tasks, that you should just turn off the locomotive and leave the game? Rather than staying in front of a red signal without any orders (it usually shows that "comand 0"...) - I've seen this for example on the Baltyk activity that we need to get a broken down train.

4th question: I think I have had this problem before but I couldn't figure out how to solve it myself... I had a problem with an electric locomotive (I think it was EU07) on the Activity L053-sluzba-1-night, that the locomotive turned the main power switch off for some reason I don't know and I couldn't get it working after that. It just didn't want to turn on again... Then out of curiosity I turned the AutoPilot on and it was able to turn on again but I don't know how. I tried everything... reset the fuse, turn off ventilators (x key) and compressor, lower pantographs, and do everything again to start the locomotive but when I tried to connect the main power switch it didn't work. Did anyone had this problem as well? What did I do wrong or what should I do when this happens?

I'm sorry for all of these questions, but I am really interested on how to play on this simulator as it is really great! ;)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Pedro Almeida

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