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EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Viewport stuck at the vertical limit
« dnia: 30 Listopada 2022, 00:45:09 »
Thanks a lot, spot on!

EU07 Simulator English forum / Viewport stuck at the vertical limit
« dnia: 28 Listopada 2022, 15:27:21 »
Hi, I downloaded the lates version yesterday and seem to have an issue with the view.
When I start an activity, all runs fine for a while but then view moves to the vetrtical limit as if I was constantly moving the mouse in the up direction.
Does anyone have the same issue and is there a known fix?
Thanks in advance.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Driving with joystick
« dnia: 04 Kwietnia 2010, 17:33:54 »
I haven't used this scripting engine for ages so I'm not sure anymore about the details.
I also never had a gamepad but I suppose it registers in your system as any game device. If that's the case, you can use this script without any modifications and it should work.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: EU07 Download
« dnia: 06 Grudnia 2007, 23:04:14 »
Yes, this is exactly the place where I encountered it. I solved it by removing those last 2 or 3 cars from the incomming train ;).

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: EU07 Download
« dnia: 02 Grudnia 2007, 02:32:34 »
Good job!
I've read all of the new info and I'll edit the original post once I find a minute (for instance now it's 2:37 a.m. here and my wife is not really happy about the PC being on) I'll update it.
Concerning the lost cars, I've had that in earlier versions as well, so I don't think it's specific to the latest patch.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: MaSzyna Operation Guide
« dnia: 25 Listopada 2007, 01:19:59 »
I've got exactly the same problem, it's been disscussed earlier on this forum and there seem to be no solution. I've tried several different keyboard layouts and all the suggested keys and there's just no way the right side door would open. I'm affraid the only thing left is actually anyone from the development team trying to reproduce and fix this...

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: How to register
« dnia: 25 Listopada 2007, 01:08:59 »
Great, I actually wasn't even aware of the engine change, I thought this was just reformatted phpBB (note I've got no experience in administering phpBB).
t0mcioo, thanks for the update. I guess once you finish it, the admin can remove my original post

EU07 Simulator English forum / MaSzyna Operation Guide
« dnia: 02 Sierpnia 2007, 17:15:49 »
I wondered whether this thread would be worth pinning...

EU07 Simulator English forum / MaSzyna Community
« dnia: 02 Sierpnia 2007, 17:13:30 »
Yeah, I share the same feeling about the communication - I actually was encouraged by my successes while reading your forum and tried to conversate with some people from Poland in czech-polish combo during my vacation - I very quickly realized english was the way to go for anything beyond "Good evening" :P

Back to the issue. Maybe it was not clear from the original post but I totally concur - the english audience is ignorant towards MaSzyna.
The initial post was actually an  analysis of the situation and a proposal of some steps to change this ignorance. I was away for 14 days and I must say I was a bit disappointed when after coming back there were no new reactions :(
I hoped I could find add-on developers willing to publish their work here in english or at least some enthusiasts who would reannounce here work published in the polish section.
I hoped someone might be eager to translate the developer documentation into english.
And in my wildest dreams I thought someone could actively investigate what could be done about the web site to bring it back or at least gain control and recreate the lost contents...


EU07 Simulator English forum / Head Tracking
« dnia: 13 Lipca 2007, 15:11:33 »
Believe it or not, until recently I didn't even know anything like this exists. But once I found out, I immediately thought of MaSzyna (well, MSFS first :P )
This is the right answer to increasing the driving experience, especially in the smaller cabins.
For those as ignorant as I am, we're talking about a software that analyzes input from your web cam. You are in the picture with some kind of recognizable feature on your head. As you move your head, the software recognizes the position and issues mouse/joystick input accordingly.

This is a freeware but requires you to build a four LED construction to put on your head:
You also need additional software to simulate mouse.

Here is a 15$ commercial one with a slightly limited trial, where you just print out the label and off you go:

I'll add some impressions once I test it!

EU07 Simulator English forum / MaSzyna Community
« dnia: 13 Lipca 2007, 14:41:22 »
Hi everyone!
It's been a while since my last posting but be assured keep keep an eye on this forum quite well - even though it's not an easy task for non-polish reader. But inevitably I feel it's time to throw in some vision, concerns and a bit of constructive criticism ;)

First, let me start with some compliments.
I am still convinced the developers managed to bring out the best train sim there is when measured by combined realism and entertainment value. True, I haven't played many others, just MSTS, where the missions and especially the terminations drove me nuts together with the repetitiveness. I've played BVE as well, which reaches the highest popularity in the freeware domain but offers only straight ahead cabin view and completely fixed environment (no moving trains, track = mission and such - well, there are tools to modify the tracks to add variety).
On all these points I believe MaSzyna is better or has got the potential to get better.

And here comes my biggest concern. This community is highly localized. I've ran a comparison search on the web to see results for BVE and maszyna. There are tons of pages on BVE from all over the world and just few pages on maszyna, mostly in Poland.
Now I understand that the aim of MaSzyna is to bring PKP onto the computer screens and there is nothing wrong with that. What I find unfortunate here is that the project seems to be limited to just that.
First, of course, there is the software itself. I don't know how much is hard coded and how much is scenery dependent (I know for one that only locos in the subfolder PKP can be driven) - like signals, signs and such. The active development seems to be stopped and I right now don't see much hope for a future resurrection.
Second, there's the forum. While I can see lot of activity there, quite some scenery and loco projects, this is all in polish and doesn't ever see it's way out to the world wide public.
To sum things up, we've got a very active polish community here, around a dead project with a dead web page.
In any world, this is the recipe for total death - which i would ABSOLUTELY hate to see, since as I mentioned before, MaSzyna is the best around for die hard sims like me.
On top of that, believe me, you want the community to expand. The more people get interested in MaSzyna, the more sceneries and locos would get available which in turn brings lot more entertainment to all of us.

So let's assume this initiative (well, it's just one post, really, but I hope it becomes an initiative) gets the support and we, non-polish admirers can hope for better future. I've been trying to put some thoughts together and came up with the following list of ideas/actions that should start us in the desired direction:
    [*]Publish in English
    I understand many of the community members can't speak English well if at all. It's the same in Czechia and that's just the way it is. Yet from a non-polish user's point of view there is almost nothing to drive and nowhere to drive. If we could get in the English forum a section for released work, where all the sceneries and dynamics would be listed with download links and some instructions, it would be great. If the author him/herself can't announce his/her releases, I'm sure there are lot of member who would happily do it in their place.
    Here I don't mean any alpha or pre-beta versions but once a project is released or even pre-released, an announcement in the English section would be great.
    [*]Make English documentation available
    While the installation and driving instructions are already here, there is no English documentation for developers. I've got on my PC Scenery.doc, fyzika.doc, RFC Commands and some other files (even in different versions) and I just can't find my way through. If anyone could translate these, update them (they seem to be several years old, no idea whether they're up to date) and again, make them available, I'm sure it would attract at least some additional developers. And if it does, a subsection here to discuss development issues would be nice as well ;)
    [*]Spread the word
    This is pretty much what it says. Whenever you get a chance to mention MaSzyna somewhere, do it. Try to get links to it on freeware sites, rail sim sites, anywhere. I've for instance placed a post in the HOTU Forum.
    [*]The software
    Outch, this is a tough one. I know it's been mostly abandoned because it bounced off the limits of it's 3D engine to make place for Nebula development, which in turn is where we can just guess it is. So, leaving Nebula aside, could anyone provide some consolidated info on where exactly the MaSzyna development is? What is the status of the source code? Would you accept new developers? or even allow new development based upon this source? Is there any TODO list? If so, can we see it? Would anyone consider implementing change requests?
    Well, I'm sure you get the idea so I'll spare the rest of my 100 questions :D
    So, this is it for now. I'll eagerly await the reactions and my hopes are high! :P

    EU07 Simulator English forum / Driving with joystick
    « dnia: 02 Lipca 2007, 02:02:41 »
    I'm affraid steering wheel combined with hotkeys will hardly work for you. The deal is HotKeys allows you to simulate key presses with a joystick. So first, you would need your wheel to stay in whatever position you set it to, which they tend not to and second you would need to use completely different logic in the hotkeys script. Something like remembering the current value and if the the X axis value reaches certain difference, you'd change up or down. But you also would need a separate script for each loco since they have different amount of positions.
    If you ask me, joystick really works lot better, I've driven hundreds of kilometers with it and it just feels right to me. Get one, they cost like 10€.

    EU07 Simulator English forum / Driving with joystick
    « dnia: 30 Maja 2007, 16:17:08 »
    Modified the script in original post to provide more intuitive control. Basically, repetitive keystrokes have been removed and holding the joystick in certain position causes the SHIFT + Key to be pressed.

    Symulator / Prowadzenie lokomotyw joystickiem
    « dnia: 29 Maja 2007, 15:41:29 »
    Protoze neumim polsky, musim cesky.

    Kdyz pouzijes muj skript, joystick se NEBUDE chovat jako plyn a brzda.
    Bude simulovat ruzne paky ktere se v kabine najdou.

    Napriklad pohyb dopredu pohne master controller o jednu pozici dopredu.
    Pohyb dozadu zpusobi presny opak.
    Kdyz joystick podrzis vepredu, bude to jako bys opakovane mackal klavesu +.

    V kombinaci s tim lze stale pouzit klavesu SHIFT. Takze Shift + Joystick dopredu = prvni bezodporova pozice na elektrickych lokomotivach.

    EU07 Simulator English forum / Driving with joystick
    « dnia: 29 Maja 2007, 15:30:35 »
    Even though I perfectly understand this last request, I can't satisfy it. But I'm sure someone else can put a translated copy to the polish section.

    Btw, I'm gaining some experience with this and I'll probably tweak the script a bit. I plan on making the brake control respond only once per joystick move and the same probably for the field shunt.

    EU07 Simulator English forum / Seeking advice
    « dnia: 29 Maja 2007, 15:13:38 »
    Thanks for the help but as you can see in my original post, none these keyboards work for me.
    I haven't tried the specific keys on my standard keybord yet - I'll do that once I find some time

    EU07 Simulator English forum / MaSzyna Operation Guide
    « dnia: 27 Maja 2007, 01:46:31 »
    Added a note on hitting INSERT more than twice during coupling on youBy's EXE causing MaSzyna to crash sometimes.

    EU07 Simulator English forum / Seeking advice
    « dnia: 25 Maja 2007, 00:21:32 »
    Thanks for all those answers. I'm sure these and similar have been asked and answered in the polish section but it's just too much of cracking for me.

    Unfortunately, there seems to be no way I can open the right side door. If any developer would feel like investigating this, I'm ready to offer any support/info on my settings, environment and so. Otherwise I'll just live with that.

    The same thing goes for those SHIFT+1, SHIFT+2... keys. No matter what keaybord I use, they don't seem to work.

    That dynamic.dat location - well interesting to know, it will certainly help me in the future if I decide to start some of the projects I have in mind.

    Concerning the include directive - does it mean that when having this structure:

    I can place a scenery file (not a SCN file, I know it has to be in the "scenery" folder) to the "MyScenery" folder, I can inside of this file include a file that is in the folder "Common"?

    EU07 Simulator English forum / Seeking advice
    « dnia: 23 Maja 2007, 12:51:06 »
    I have a set of questions from different areas. I wish to bring them up in one thread and if i get lucky enough to receive an answer, I'll organize it and pass logically to the related topics.
    [*]What's the deal with SHIFT+1, SHIFT+2... keys
    There are numerous tracks instructing the driver to use one of these keys. I was never able to make this work - at least to my best knowledge. I always stand somewhere in front of a red light untill I decide I've had enough and quit.
    So, is this effected by your regional settings? I've tired my belgian keyboard, my English UK and English US and nothing.
    Could it also have anything to do with the fact that I use a laptop?
    And finally, why do some tracks need this and some don't?
    [*]I have noticed on some EMUs one can open and close the door. All I can do is control the left side door. On my belgian keybord "?" opens the door, "," closes it ("?" is SHIFT+"," and physically lays where english has got the M key). On english UK it's "<" and ",". There is not one single key anywhere that would open the right side door. How do I do that?
    [*]In Dynamic\PKP there's the dynamic.dat. Why isn't there one in every subfolder of Dynamic? Or why isn't the dynamic.dat straight in the Dynamic folder.
    [*]In the SCN files (btw, quite unlucky choice of extension) I see the include dirrective. I've seen in other files as well. Can I include files only down the structure or can I reference as well up - like ..\SomeFolder\SomeFile.inc?
    I hope someone can answer at least some of these questions. Thanks in advance!

    EU07 Simulator English forum / Driving with joystick
    « dnia: 22 Maja 2007, 22:22:19 »
    Even though the control of MaSzyna are well organized for train driving, since I play only from laptop, I wondered how I could simplify the numpad controls (the Fn key combinations are not so wow).
    My other reason was watching all those handle controls in the cabins and having a sort of handle controller (joystick) next to me just wasted - it simply called for a solution.

    To use a joystick with MaSzyna you need AutoHotkey. Just download the installer from here. The installation process is plain simple.
    Once installed, create anywhere on your PC (ideally in the MaSzyna folder) a file with extension AHK - say "MaSzyna Joystick.ahk".
    Now copy this code into the file:
    ; AutoHotkey Version: 1.x
    ; Language:       English
    ; Platform:       Win9x/NT
    ; Author:         Greno Zee
    ; Script Function:
    ;   Provides joystick control for MaSzyna train simulator

    #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
    #Persistent  ; Keep this script running until the user explicitly exits it.
    SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
    CheckInterval = 10 ; Number of miliseconds between joystick status checks. It's prefered not to change this value
    ChecksForShift = 50 ; Number of check the joystick must be in certain position to trigger the SHIFT + Key input.

    ShiftCounter := 0
    SetTimer, WatchAxis, %CheckInterval%

    GetKeyState, JoyX, JoyX  ; Get position of X axis.
    GetKeyState, JoyY, JoyY  ; Get position of Y axis.
    GetKeyState, Joy1, Joy1  ; Get button 1 state.
    GetKeyState, Joy2, Joy2  ; Get button 2 state.

    KeyToHoldDownPrev = %KeyToHoldDown%  ; Prev now holds the key that was down before (if any).

    if JoyX > 70
        if Joy1 = D
            KeyToHoldDown = Numpad7
        else if Joy2 = D
            KeyToHoldDown = NumpadDot
            KeyToHoldDown = Numpad9
    else if JoyX < 30
        if Joy1 = D
            KeyToHoldDown = Numpad1
        else if Joy2 = D
            KeyToHoldDown = Numpad0
            KeyToHoldDown = Numpad3
    else if JoyY > 70
        if Joy1 = D
            KeyToHoldDown = NumpadMult
        else if Joy2 = D
            KeyToHoldDown = r
            KeyToHoldDown = NumpadSub
    else if JoyY < 30
        if Joy1 = D
            KeyToHoldDown = NumpadDiv
        else if Joy2 = D
            KeyToHoldDown = d
            KeyToHoldDown = NumpadAdd
        KeyToHoldDown =

    SetKeyDelay -1  ; Avoid delays between keystrokes.

    if KeyToHoldDown   ; There is a key to press down.
        if KeyToHoldDown = %KeyToHoldDownPrev%
            ShiftCounter += 1

            if ShiftCounter = %ChecksForShift%
                SendInput {Shift Down}
                Sleep 70
                SendInput {%KeyToHoldDown%}
                Sleep 70
                SendInput {Shift Up}
            SendInput {%KeyToHoldDown%}
        ShiftCounter := 0

    Then double-click the file, start MaSzyna and enjoy!

    The joystick controls are like this:
    Forward: master controller +
    Forward + button 1: field shunt +
    Forward + button 2: reverser forward

    Backward: master controller -
    Backward + button 1: field shunt -
    Backward + button 2: reverser backward

    Left: extend main brake
    Left + button 1: extend aid brake
    Left + button 2: emergency brake

    Right: release main brake
    Right + button 1: release aid brake
    Right + button 2: main brake quick release.

    Holding the joystick in certain position does not cause any controls to be repeated. Instead, after half a second (this is an easily adjustable value) in certain position the script send a SHIFT + Key command.
    So for instance if you hold the button 1 and push forward, the field shunt will jump one position forwards and after half a second it jumps to max.
    These scripts are easy to adjust. If you figure out a better mapping, post here please so we can extend our driving experience!

    EU07 Simulator English forum / MaSzyna Operation Guide
    « dnia: 22 Maja 2007, 21:10:58 »
    Added controls for train heating and switching.

    EU07 Simulator English forum / MaSzyna Operation Guide
    « dnia: 19 Maja 2007, 00:36:57 »
    @ David Seiver:
    Though I have no idea, I'm guessing you've got the steam issues right.
    I've never heard of Aurora project. Do you mean Nebula or is there anything brand new?

    @ BLAcKboY
    True, I remember reading about the T key being used for changing switches (that's what they're called if we mean the same thing ;) ). But it makes me wonder. Setting of the switches is usually controled by events, wouldn't you actually screw your mission up if you start playing with them around?

    Bieżące kolejowe / Pociągiem po Polsce 220 km/h ;)
    « dnia: 15 Maja 2007, 21:17:05 »
    No to to si uzijete.
    Akorat bych dodal, ze to je Thalys prvni generace, tedy PBA.
    Treba se ho dockame i v MaSzyne :P

    EU07 Simulator English forum / MaSzyna Operation Guide
    « dnia: 15 Maja 2007, 20:54:30 »
    Updated the coupling guide and some minor editting.

    EU07 Simulator English forum / MaSzyna Operation Guide
    « dnia: 15 Maja 2007, 13:51:45 »
    This indeed is simplier. As I've mentioned, I don't speak your language and this is what I've been able to understand from different posts concerning this topic. I also must have missed this in the update log for the latest release.
    I'll modify the original post but before I do that, I wonder, is it standard RL practice to perform coupling while the loco is pushing against the cars?

    EU07 Simulator English forum / MaSzyna Operation Guide
    « dnia: 15 Maja 2007, 12:57:47 »
    Here you will find a summary of all the controls I was able to collect plus additional driving practices and procedures. If you see anything wrong here, please post so ;) Also, note that I don’t know anything about actual train driving and terminology so the translations of certain controls and such are pure dictionary links without any knowledge what the damn thing really is :P. I have also used some translations as found in the readme.txt in EU07-160704-unoff.
    Texts in this size are my personal comments based on my own experience and are no guarantee to comply with actual functionality and design intentions of MaSzyna.

    Note: capital letter means the key is to be used while holding the SHIFT key
    Non-driving controls
    ESC -> pause, all controls locked
    F1 –> shows current time
    F2 –> shows various information about train (polish original seems to suggest this works for any train if you’re close enough but I could get this working only for the human driven train)
    F3 -> pause (I haven’t been able to use this key – ESC worked fine)
    F4 –> leave/enter the cabin
    F6 –> speeds the time up (only in debug mode)
    F7 –> toggle scenery shown as wireframe
    F8 –> shows FPS
    F10 -> exit simulator
    1, 2, 3... -> scenery definition keys (non locked)

    Loco driving
    All loco types
    J j –> turn battery on/off
    d r –> reverser forwards/backwards
    a A -> horn low/high frequency
    s -> sand
    ENTER -> antilock braking system + sand

    The following are numeric keypad keys. The NUMLOCK must be on for numbers.
    + - -> main controller add/reduce power
    1 7 -> increase/decrease the aid brake
    3 9 -> increase/decrease the main brake
    4 -> main brake to running position
    0 -> main brake emergency braking, main brake line pressure release
    . -> main brake quick release, main brake line pressure overload
    8 5 2 -> main brake valve braking positioning (I suppose these set the brake to certain predefined positions)
    6 -> release loco brake (leaves the brakes of the cars on)

    b B -> brake response delay switch freight/passenger
    SPACE ->alert/train self braking system reset

    Q (@) -> autopilot; locks the keyboard (The original documentation states Q to be the control, an English translation from EU07-160704-unoff says it’s @, I couldn’t get any results with either – well, not that I tried really hard…)

    M m –> turn the main circuit on/off
    O o –> raise/lower the rear pantograph
    P p –> raise/lower the front pantograph
    X x –> turn the voltage converter (ventilators) on/off
    C c –> turn the compressor on/off
    F f -> current overload relay switch (high/low)
    n -> electric engine current overload fuse reset
    G g -> driver selectable automatic startup trigger current switch, on/off (only if defined in *.chk file)

    The following are numeric keypad keys:
    / * -> field shunt

    M m –> turn ignition on/off
    The following are numeric keypad keys.
    / * -> shift gear up/down on this sequence: 0-1-0-2-0-3-0-4 where 0 means neutral. Some locos, like SN61, actually shift automatically.

    As far as I know, it’s not yet even possible to design steam locos for MaSzyna.

    + -> your side
    - -> opposite side
    Equipped only with aid brake.

    INS –> connect loco to the nearest* cars
    DEL –> disconnect loco from the nearest* cars
    Please, refer to the section OPERATION PROCEDURES to learn how to perform these tasks correctly.

    t T –> turn end lights of the nearest* train on/off (I haven’t been able to use this control; it might require the functionality to be available on the cars or so…)
    y Y –> previous/next left light position (3 positions: red/off/white)
    u U –> previous/next top light position (2 positions: off/on)
    i I –> previous/next right light position (3 positions: red/off/white)
    Note: turning any of the red lights on seems to turn them both on. Also, I have noticed some locos having different mapping of these keys (like the U key controlled the right light and the I key the top one) so the best way to control the lights is from outside while looking at the loco.

    Driver experience
    ARROWS -> move the eye around the cabin - when inside or scenery - when outside
    PAGEUP PAGEDN -> move the eye up and down
    SHIFT CTRL -> when outside, in speeds up the motion controls
    HOME END ->move to other compartments of the loco(s)

    Special controls
    These controls are reserved for loco developers and their usage depends on what the authors choose
    [ and { -> universal 1 (ex: window, door…)
    ] and } –> universal 2 (ex: window, door…)
    ; and : -> universal 3 (ex: a switch button…)
    ‘ and “ –> universal 4 (ex: a ventilator…)
    H h -> Turn the train heating on/off

    Environment controls
    T t -> change a switch seting. You have to fly close to a switch you want to set. Don't use this if on a mission, you might break the events.

    Unknown controls
    z –> I really don’t know. It works only if defined in .mmd file and the best translation I could come up with is: "shows the current of the second module"

    * - only cars up to 500 m away from the human controlled loco and and located on the same track as the loco.

    Signals and Signs
    It is essential to know at least the basics of signalling on polish railways. The best reference site I could find is here : Railway Signs and Signals of Great Britain - Links. Links to many sites, including 2 Polish ones.

    Driving EU07 class
    While there may be some loco dependant differences, I’m sure the description for EU07 class loco is enough to get you started on all other electric locos:
    Turn the batteries on {SHIFT + j}.
    Use reverser to select desired direction of travel {d/r}.
    Reset train self braking system {SPACE}.
    The pantograph needs to be up. If not, raise it (I believe the rear one is to be used on polish rails {SHIFT + o}).
    Turn the main circuit on {SHIFT + m}.
    Turn the voltage converter on {SHIFT + x}.
    Turn the compressor on {SHIFT + c}.
    Check the manometer to see if the main brake line pressure is 0.5MPa.
    Use reverser to select desired direction of travel {d/r}.
    Rotate master controller wheel to first position {NumPad "+"}.
    Wait for about 1 sec or so until the orange light lights up on the control panel. Once this happens, rotate the master controller to a higher setting observing the current and avoiding wheel slippage.
    Too high of a current may trip the current overload fuse. In case the current overload fuse is tripped, rotate master controller back to position 0, reset the overload fuse {n}.
    A similar procedure is carried out when power cutoff switch is tripped due to voltage line surges as well as when there is a momentary loss of voltage in the supply line.
    In the event of wheel slippage, decrease master controller setting and apply a bit of sand {s}, or use the antilock braking system {ENTER}.
    Once the locomotive reaches a certain speed where the engine current drops to lower levels, set the master controller into non-resistor setting. This is done by rotating master controller into a position where the orange light is turned off. There are only two non-resistant positions, first approximately halfway through the full rotation, while the second one is at the maximum master controller setting.  Once the master controller is at one of these positions further acceleration/driving can be accomplished by using field shunts {NumPad /}.
    Note: Driving locomotive for prolong periods of time should only be done at non-resistive settings otherwise overheating to resistor network may occur.
    Furthermore, the closest non-resistor setting can quickly be set by pressing SHIFT along with a master controller key.

    While driving locomotive without any cars attached it is best to use a pneumatic aid brakes instead of main brakes, in all other cases use main brakes. The pneumatic aid brake provides much faster response (but on the locomotive only).
    Note: Releasing main brakes on a long train may take a while. Moving the main brake handle all the way to the right for no more than few seconds will shorten the release process. In reality, the Oerlicon brake system has a safety valve that prevents an overload of the main brake line. For now this option is not available, so be careful.
    In the running main brake handle position the pressure in the brake line should always stay at 0.5 MPa.

    EU07 class locomotives have Bo'Bo' wheel configuration.  Its continuous power is 2000kW. The maximum design speed is 125km/h.

    Driving SN61 class
    Again, following this checklist should get you started on all other diesel locos:
    Turn the batteries on {SHIFT + j}.
    Use reverser to set the direction {d/r}.
    Rotate master controller handle to first position {NumPad "+"}.
    Having master controller handle set to first position, engage the starter {SHIFT + m}.
    Once the engine starts successfully move the master controller handle to the next setting, idle position. In this position and above positions compressor is loading pressure.
    To start moving, rotate master controller handle one more position. This should be done when all of the train’s brakes have been released. On this setting the SN61 diesel motor unit will be riding the clutch, therefore do not use this setting as permanent driving setting.
    Once the speed of 7…8km/h is reached rotate the master controller handle to the next position. There are 5 normal driving positions.  Gears change automatically.

    Summary of master controller positions:
    0: shut down
    1: ignition
    2: idle
    3: partly engaged clutch
    4: 1
    5: 2
    6: 3
    7: 4
    8: 5
    First position opens throttle to 15% while last position is fully open, 100%.
    This and other passenger diesel locos have usually small cabins and it’s difficult to keep visual reference to your panel – making setting the master controller to idle position no easy task. This works for me: use SHIFT + NumPad "-" to set the master controller to 0 (shut down) position and quickly hit NumPad "+" twice. This puts you to the desired setting and the engine doesn’t shut down that fast.

    SN61 is a B'2' diesel motor unit that has been used in the past as a commuter train.  It consists of 370kW engine and its design speed is 100 km/h.

    The basic rule to couple is that your loco must be as close to the cars as possible for the coupling to succeed. While I managed to couple by just stopping right on the cars, this usually leads to your loco bouncing off so the following procedure is a sure to work one..

    Drive the loco next to the cars, leave the cabin {F4} and fly to the coupler of the first car. Then you'll need to put a little pressure on the coaches (master contoller on 1st position). Once the bumpers touch and the loco stops, couple the consist {INS twice} (I’ve been in fact able to trigger some action by hitting this key up to 4 times – with some impressive visual and sound effects ;) ; on the contrary, this works only with the EXE released by youBy and seems to cause sometimes MaSzyna to crash when used). Turn the master controller off {SHIFT + NumPad "-"}, return to the loco {F4} and go on with the mission.

    Walk to the cabin facing the cars {HOME/END}. Use {NumPad 5} to brake. Once the pressure stabilizes, release the loco brakes {NumPad 6}. Drive the loco towards the cars until it stops moving (use master controller position 2). Engage the aid brakes {NumPad 1 twice} and turn the master controller off {SHIFT + NumPad "-"}. Leave the cabin {F4} and move to within 1m from the coupler. Uncouple {DELETE twice}. Move back to the cabin {F4}, release the aid brake {SHIFT + NumPad 7} and off you go.

    Uaktualnienie // Lelek i Benek

    EU07 Simulator English forum / How to register
    « dnia: 12 Maja 2007, 11:49:22 »
    Thanks, original post updated.
    Yes, english language pack would be nice, indeed...

    Screeny / HST drezynka
    « dnia: 07 Maja 2007, 16:28:08 »
    Doufam, ze mi budete rozumet:

    Tohle se mi prave stalo :-D Linia 546_dl2-54

    Ted uz to pekne svistelo


    A tady sem skoncil na NULL TRACK

    Pokud jste si nevsimli, jedna se o rychlost...

    EU07 Simulator English forum / EU07 Download
    « dnia: 07 Maja 2007, 15:31:56 »
    Glad you like it. I would actually appreciate any comments if the info posted by me is wrong/inacurate.

    Also, since the english forum is limited to just one section, if you feel like something is worth pinning, please do so ;)

    EU07 Simulator English forum / How to register
    « dnia: 07 Maja 2007, 13:55:17 »
    ATTENTION, the forum registration instructions below are out of date; I'll try to update them shortly.
    Winger, 07.01.2009

    The link to register is in the top menu: Rejestracja

    This brings you to the terms and conditions of use. I can't go through the trouble of translating them for you and you shouldn't agree on anything you don't understand. After reading the terms, choose one of the following options:
      [*]Zgadzam Sie na te warunki i mam powyzej 13 lat - I agree and I'm older than 13 years
      [*]Zgadzam Sie na te warunki i mam ponizej 13 lat - I agree and I'm younger than 13 years
      [*]Nie zgadzam sie na te warunki - I don't agree
      If you choose to agree, you are brought to the following form:
      Fields marked * are mandatory
      Uzytkownik:/Username *
      Adres email:/E-mail Address *
      Haslo/Password *
      Potwierdz Haslo/Repeat Password *
      Jesli w jakikolwiek sposób nie jestes w stanie odczytac kodu prosze skontaktowac sie z Administratorem/If you for any reason can't read this code, please contact the Administrator - maszyna@eu07.pl (I've had some trouble registering myself and this e-mail didn't bring any results. At the end of this post there is the mail that worked for me.)

      Kod potwierdzajacy/Confirmation code: *
      Wprowadz kod dokladnie tak jak powyzej. Uwaga: Cyfre zero rozpoznajemy po przekresleniu./Type the code as shown above. Note: ? Something about recognizing ZERO but I don't know what    
      Czy potrafisz czytac? *
      Jesli nie, prawopodobnie jestes botem spamerskim i nikt Cie tu nie chce./This is an additional anit-bot protection. Just select TAK.
      Informacje Profilu/Account Information
      Te informacje beda widoczne publicznie/This information will be publically available
      Numer ICQ:/ICQ Number:
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      Strona WWW:/Personal WWW:
      To jest blok tekstu, który moze byc dodawany do Twoich postów. Ma limit 255 znaków/This is a piece of text that will be added to all your posts. Max 255 characters.

      HTML: TAK
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      Zawsze pokazuj mój Adres Email:/Show my e-mail address:
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      Zawsze powiadamiaj o odpowiedziach:/Inform me about answers:
      Wysyla email gdy ktos odpowie w temacie, w którym napisales wiadomosc. Mozesz to zmienic przy kazdej napisanej wiadomosci/An e-mail will be sent to you whenever new posts appear in a thread where you posted. Can be changed for each posts individualy
      Powiadom o Prywatnej Wiadomosci:/Inform me about private messages
      Otwórz okno przy nadejsciu Wiadomosci:/New window for received new private messages
      Niektóre szablony moga otwierac nowe okno aby poinformowac o nadejsciu nowej Prywatnej Wiadomosci
      Zawsze dodawaj mój podpis:/Always add my signature
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      Skladnia jest identyczna z funkcja date() w PHP/Expression is identical to the one used for function date() in PHP

      To submit the form use the button Wyślij
      The other button clears the forum up ;)

      After submitting, you should receive an e-mail where you need to activate your account. I can't provide any help here, since I've never received it myself and administrators helped me to activate my account...

      If you experience problems, try this e-mail: schmeling@interia.pl. Belongs to Oli_EU and he's been very helpful.

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