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Thankyou for the detailed translation!

Control cables are marked with semicircle symbol, on this image C19 and CI.

I think this means that when 2 EU07 are connected in multiple, and cable C19 is shared, then the two compressors should always activate pairs? Which I think will confirm that Maszyna has a bug.

I found a relay diagram for EU07 main compressor. Unfortunately I am not very good at reading relay diagrams, and the author of this diagram accidentally made the box on the bottom right too small to fit some long words, so it is hard for me to use google translate, but I think The compressor will run when current flows in the red path, which requires only the following condition

* SS1 - all contacts in the yellow path are closed

Condition SS1 is true when:
* WSC - Main compressor switch is engaged (I think this is the switch in the cabin?)
* WDC1 - I don't understand this symbol, google translate says "Switch Compressor Main"
* WR - The rapid-disconnect 3kv switch is engaged
* WCC or WDC - WCC=Low pressure in the main reservoir, I do not understand WDC
* PWS - I don't understand this switch - Some condition to disengage the compressor
* WDC3 - I don't understand this symbol
* NS01 - There is no overcurrent condition in the red path
* PPT5 - I think this is true when the compressor has been demanded for a longer than the time threshold in relay PT5? But this is hard for me to understand.

Interestingly, I think this diagram does not include the multiple unit connector, so perhaps it does not answer your question.

P.S. It is difficult to correlate the relay names in the book by Maciszewski, Pawlus and Suminski with the diagram in the attachment. I am wondering if this is because the diagrams in the Maciszewski book are sourced from EU06 production (English Acronyms) but later EU07 has redesigned/redrawn relay network (with polish acronyms?)

I think the behaviour in real life may be different to Maszyna, it seems that there are several signals in the multiple unit connector related to compressor operation, including the pressure sensor "PG".

However to understand the correct logic I think it may be necessary to look at a relay diagram.

If I read the source code correctly, in the case of 2EU07, each locomotive will look only at its own main reservoir pressure when it decides when to activate the compressor. (Although if the locomotives are permanently coupled, then both compressors should activate at the same time?)

So assuming that only the first locomotive is supplying air into the brake pipe (and the brake handle of the second locomotive is in lockout position), I think it is possible that the main reservoir of the first locomotive will have slightly lower pressure, so the compressor of the first locomotive will activate and fill up the main reservoir of the second locomotive before the pressure gets low in the second locomotive.

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Looking for up to date source code
« dnia: 26 Października 2021, 22:09:27 »
hmm, if this feature already exists, would it be possible to increase the default? Or maybe to increase the bounding box for the pantograph? I feel sorry that scenery authors must use calipers on every cm of their route to avoid misaligning the wires.

(I think there is also a similar issue when driving with time multiplication? I think there are more disconnections when this is active)

EU07 Simulator English forum / Odp: Looking for up to date source code
« dnia: 26 Października 2021, 21:18:16 »
Thanks for the reply, and for the translation


EU07 Simulator English forum / Looking for up to date source code
« dnia: 26 Października 2021, 19:23:29 »
Hello from a fan in the UK,

I have been made some personal edits to the source code of maszyna on github. However I notice there has been no commit to master since January this year. Also I notice that that even though github is older, there are many new features compared to v21.04 (I can see many interesting new features such as the map, but my 100% favourite is  the new "independent brake releaser")

Is the source code in github a good starting place to make edits? I am only making changes for my personal use but if I can learn the source code, I hope I can make a useful contribution. It would be nice to know if there is more recent code that I can edit.

I have a couple of ideas for changes I would like to make to the exe:
* Sometimes due to bad alignment of 3kv wire, the locomotive can disconnect from the traction network (e.g Kaliska). When the pantograph becomes disconnected, I have been thinking to "extend" the connection for a short time (maybe 0.5-2 seconds). Hopefully the pantograph will reconnect to the wire before the time runs out. Hopefully this will make it easy for the authors of a long scenery such as Kaliska
* There is a bug in v21.04 the brake handle of the BR285, where if you place it in position 2 (cutout) it will refill the brake pipe. It is currently impossible to run 2*BR285 because your train will never stop!
* For locomotives with 3-position type brake handle {apply, lap, release} such as dragon, traxx, ET21, SM48, I want to change the keyboard buttons to be the same for every locomotive (i.e 6=release, 5=lap, 2=apply)

P.S I saw this diagram in another thread. Google translate gets confused when I try and put it in English, but maybe a good translation is "Its complicated"?


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