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Wiadomości - Bescot

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Back then even all semaphores weren't linked to rails and AI was scripted just to ride one station when player passes it, so required just two signals to function. "Player can see lights so why would he want commands sent to his loco? It's driving sim, not a cabview movie!" That was rulling phylosophy in first decade of our project. Not much more that excuse to set up only crucial things while making a map. To be fair, they should be removed, but then there wouldn't be much left. In next release they will be tagged as old one to be filtered out in the starter.
As for additional maps, everything treated as finished is added to main repository. You can find few maps/scenerio packs in workshop below, but being in that place means, they aren't finished and/or have major bugs left.

Strony: [1]