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Wiadomość wysłana przez: Ra w 13 Kwietnia 2008, 15:31:23
I have written a tool that can be used as MaSzyna starter. In future also as data editor and installator (these features are very limited now). The name of the tool is Rainsted, however it is in MaSzyna.EXE file.

You can download the program from http://eu07.rainsted.com. There are two packages needed: one is the recent version, second contains Borland libraries. (Several old versions are kept available in case of troubles with the recent one.) After downloading, you should unpack both archives into MaSzyna main directory, where the EU07.EXE is located. You need also the 7-Zip archiviser (http://www.7-zip.org/). If you don't have one, you will be asked to download and install.

In case you will see Polish texts, select the Ustawienia tab and look for ComboBox with pl - polski - and change it to en - English. Since version 1.0.52 also it - Italiano is available.

In present 1.0.52 version most of texts are translated. However you can see some messages in Polish. In case you see some, or errors in translation, please report to me using Private Message of this forum or any other way. There's also possibility to add more languages, so if you make the translation I can include it in next version.

The program has auto-update feature. Once launched it will ask you for new version downolading and then installing. With current settings it will ask about this every 3 days.

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Wiadomość wysłana przez: kebaplover w 14 Kwietnia 2008, 01:14:24
Excellent! Maybe it is possible to have the sources or whatever is needed to translate it from english to italian? I think I can do it myself... let me know ;)

EDIT: i've seen that the package includes the language INIs... i'll see what i can do to translate them, and eventually, I'll let you know ;)


EDIT2: i didn't know what to to do (http://www.ferrovie.it/phpBB2/images/smiles/icon_cool.gif), so, in the meantime, i've made a preliminary translation, though i could't understand some parts completely; however, most of the work should be done. Later, i will update it, maybe. For now, here it is (you can include it in your release):

PS:  in the english translation there are some errors and some parts are not very comprehensible; i will try to fix them and then post the corrected file.

EDIT3: here it is an updated italian translation; there also is the english one on which i have made some little improvements ;)
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Wiadomość wysłana przez: Ra w 17 Kwietnia 2008, 03:02:04
Thank you. This was very helpful. I would never do an Italian translation myself. :)

I've updated the first post along to recent changes. Since version 1.0.52 the language is detected from Windows registry. However, is not saved once changed manually. Also, some new languages can be added by writing more files like download\lang-??.ini, where ?? is language code.
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Wiadomość wysłana przez: kebaplover w 17 Kwietnia 2008, 11:15:18
No, thank to you for writing such an helpful program!
I'll post here the updates to the translations ;)