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Tytuł: Translation
Wiadomość wysłana przez: vladaostrovsky w 18 Listopada 2020, 12:27:24
I would like to help with developing the simulator. Is there a way how can I translate the game to Czech? I registered that the starter is partly translated, but I think I can translate the radio transmissions in game, because the Czech railway system is very similar to the Polish one. I think many Czech players would like this game so much and I want to spread the simulator between them even more.

Thanks :)
Tytuł: Odp: Translation
Wiadomość wysłana przez: Stele w 18 Listopada 2020, 13:32:21
There was whole database on poeditor.com https://eu07.pl/forum/index.php/topic,31983 but seems to be taken down. Anyone remembers, who created it and got unlimited size for open source project there?